Sunday, 20 November 2022

Straight talking

 Thank you for all the lovely supportive comments lately, the ones on my most recent post aren't being published as I deleted that post.  And I've had some really nice emails too, thanks for those and my apologies for not replying individually.

However, over the past few months I've also had a few not so nice comments (mostly anonymous, of course!) and even emails, including one or two comments and emails from fellow well-known bloggers who I've always followed and respected.  None of the 'not nice' comments get published (after all, that is my prerogative) and I don't even mention them.  

What I want to say to people who read my blog is that my life and what happens is just that - MY life.  It's not yours, and nor do I respond to things in my life the same way that everyone else does - none of us do!  If you've had a very long and happy life and marriage - well that's lovely.....unfortunately not everyone is blessed the same way.  And we certainly don't all cope with things the same way - what a boring life it would be if we were all clones, sort of Stepford Wives.  So please don't judge me based on YOUR experiences, nor TELL me how I should respond or what I should/shouldn't be doing!

I have few friends nearby (mainly because of where we live, and my lifelong trust issues) - the relationship with my 'best' friend is dead and I'm desperately sad at how it ended.  My family don't live near me and, in any case, has been fraught with difficulties lately.  As I've said before, I get no support at all and I often feel like I'm drowning.  I am at my lowest ebb ever at the moment.  But I've struggled to get through difficulties my entire life - I'm a fighter and a strong independent woman (although it doesn't feel like it right now) and I WILL get through this and carry on.

I write this blog partly because I like to have a record of things - such as caravan stuff - but also to get the bad stuff and things that are worrying me off my chest, seeing as I now have nobody close enough to me to actually talk to.  However, I'm not going to be documenting every bad or irritating thing that happens now, because I no longer feel able to - even though it's my blog and it's entirely up to me what I write.  In fact, I won't be writing much at all.

There's blue sky and the sun is trying to come out, although showers are forecast on and off all day, so I don't think I'll chance putting my washing out.


  1. You should write what you feel, as you say it's your blog. I can't stand anonymous comments, good or bad, give your name.

  2. I won't say should or could, but I'm annoyed on your behalf that your blog just can't be a space to let your thoughts out. Do what works or helps you. To heck with anonymous comments.

  3. I know it's hard, if not impossible, to ignore the nasty comments/people, but they're not worth one iota of your time and energy. None of us can put ourselves in someone else's shoes, but we can empathise and try to offer support. If you ever want to rant and rage and need a sympathetic ear, you have my email. I hope things turn the corner for you very soon. Hugs, my friend never met. xx

  4. I read few blogs. I used to read more…then politics arrived… to doing that. A blog should be a way to share one’s life. It is not an opinion column. There is a blog I read where when seeing certain names on the responses, I know they will be aggravating..I skip…I like your blog. I write hearing about your summer home…the way you are trying to get moved to a village area…your cooking…you and your husband…thank you for sharing a part of England with me.prayers as always

  5. You do you! I love reading your blog, even all the bumps and lumps. Believe me, other peoples circumstances have issues also. Just because they choose to judge and comment to you does not mean they have a perfect situation. Please just know I think good thughts for you and truly enjoy you.
    JC in USA

  6. Long-time lurker here. It's always easy for people to criticise, isn't it. But this is *your* blog, and it's simply not their place to tell you what you should and shouldn't do or write. They can just scroll over to another blog if they're feeling negative, and keep their thoughts to themselves...

  7. Hugs and love. I hope Betty is getting better. More hugs.

  8. Write what you feel, sometimes you just need to get things off your chest. Me, while I do have a wonderful Hubby and a pretty good marriage things do happen. I also do not get along with Hubby's family, more or less treated like crap by most of them. So sometimes that comes out in my blog as well.
    Sooze, you do you and to he double hockey sticks (as we say here in Canada) to what other's think.

    God bless.

  9. I always try to make you grin , laugh or at least snicker. I do wish life for you was a lot easier. Like someone else said you do are important. People shouldn't read if they want to criticize or they shouldn't comment anyway. Keep on keeping are important.

  10. Your blog, your words, your life. It is no-one else's business. That's my feeling anyway.
    You know where I am if . . .
    Lots of love. xx

  11. Sorry I completely missed the last post, but I do hope that you are ok, it sounds like you have dealt well with the responses you got. I'll echo what your other blogging buddies have said ... it is YOUR blog ... and on it you are entitled to write exactly what you wish to write. I have gotten much stricter with Anonymous comments recently, I understand that some folks have to comment that way to get their comments through on Blogger, but I only publish those that end with a Christian name, so I know who that person is. As you quite rightly say most of the snide and disagreeable comments are just completely anonymous and deserve to be weeded out.


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