Friday 11 November 2022

More talking, and heart stuff

 Thank you everyone for all the lovely and helpful comments (even the few I haven't published for one reason or another), they mean such a lot.  Some of the recent comments even made me laugh - Rachel and Sue, I'm looking at you!  Husband and I have talked again, which has been productive.  He has seen recently how much trouble I have getting up and down stairs, how I'm crippled with backache and hip pain when I've been standing doing a lot of food prep and washing up, even loading and unloading the washing machine and pegging the washing out is difficult.  And he sees just how exhausted I am after a busy day, compounded by the overwhelming tiredness due to lack of sleep, and the gut problems I frequently have.  I've reminded him that my health isn't good, and that we really need to help each other - it's not a one-way thing and I'm not his official (unpaid) carer.  He's agreed with everything, and said he will try to do more and, more importantly, to keep it going.

Yesterday we went to the big general hospital in Taunton for husband's cardiology appointment - he had an echocardiogram and other checks, and then both of us saw the cardiology registrar, a really nice man.  He says things strongly point to husband having narrowed arteries again, and probably needing new stents, he's to have another MRI scan and then another angiogram....if that shows further narrowing, as expected, then he'll have one or more extra stents fitted there and then.  He couldn't say how long he'll have to wait (there is a waiting list, of course) but it could be up to 3 months.  I guess the wait time could be impacted by winter flu and Covid, Christmas breaks and the nurses' strikes, we'll just have to wait and see.  The registrar has given husband yet another tablet, to be taken alongside all the other heart meds (including the interim one the GP gave him) - he will certainly rattle even more when he moves, he's on about a dozen different meds now.  The doctor did suggest that husband seriously tries to lose some weight, cutting down on his portion sizes more now as he's less active (he does have a big appetite and likes snacking), and especially reducing carbs.  He said plenty of protein and dairy (the fat content of dairy is nothing to be worried about, he said, in line with up to date scientific studies, husband's cholesterol level is good and fat/protein fill you up) and obviously lots of green veggies.  So, much less in the way of potatoes, pasta, rice, bread and cereals.  Which is what I personally have been doing for myself anyway, hence why I've lost 10lbs in the last month.

As an aside, the cardiology department of the big hospital is on the 2nd floor (that's the 3rd floor I'm guessing for USA readers) and almost at the end of the long corridor, just about as far away from the car park as is possible.  The first lift wasn't working, husband opted to go up the stairs.....there's no way my hips could cope with climbing 6 flights of stairs so I limped to the other end of the corridor to use the 2nd lift.  So the cardiology department, for heart patients who are breathless and have chest pains, is in just about the most inappropriate place - husband said he was gasping by the time he got to the top of the stairs, had to stop and catch his breath, and was asked by a passing nurse if he was ok.  Perhaps they're hoping to kill off a few of their patients to reduce the waiting list!

In the light of both husband's and my recent medical investigations, I'm altering the medical parts of the Council housing application forms - you never know, it might help.


  1. I'm urging you to fill out that form, without over egging it but you really really need to fill it in as if it's your worst days ever. You need to because competition will be great I would think. Thank goodness for the heart thing because that may just increase your points. I'm not sure how the system down there works or if I've told you this before but in the NE where Miss 28 lives, her inlaws were in declining health ( they are 10 years older than me and the HG ) and were accepted on the council list to start bidding on properties, And that's what they did even if they thought they didn't stand a cat in hell's chance. They went for a spacious bungalow with a large corner garden and to their surprise won it as it also had a few steps down to the garden and the people offered it in front of them declined it! Maybe you are due a bit of luck.
    But you do have to be brutally truthful and leave nothing out on those forms. Good luck with it.
    My mum lives in an assisted apartment setting. There is a warden on site. A social club committee, days out and a huge mixture of ages. It's an eye watering £600 a month! My dad is in a similar set up but totally council run and due to his income and bad heart was offered one that he took and it's brilliant for him. There is a social group which he declines to access - his choice - but his bills are included and there's a warden on site too. In a few years - I can put my name down for one haha because they are for over 55s.
    My Mum's is in nicer surroundings, the flats are more roomy and the gardens are better. Just go look see. Have you already had a look at what is on offer?

  2. I'm glad you've had that talk. Maybe compile a list, together, of what jobs each should do, and which can be shared. Pin it up somewhere prominent, so he's got no excuse! It would be so good for both of you if you could get a nice little bungalow close to amenities. As Rachel says, lay it on a bit thick when you fill in the form. I don't mean lie, but imagine you're both having the worst day. Hoping things start to improve for you very soon. You've been through the mill lately; it's about time you had a rest from it all! xx

  3. Good luck getting to move. Sorry about the problems…

  4. The location for the cardiac patients seems just dumb. I hope the talk lasts this time.

  5. Very good idea about the change in health for the housing. GOOD IDEA!

  6. Awesome that you had that talk. Let him know that moving a bit more along with lessening the carbs (and snacking) will help him lose some weight like the doctor wants him to do.

    Definitely fill out that form. It won't hurt and may help a great deal.

    God bless.

  7. I agree with the others - those reading the form are not going to know how it is at worst unless you tell them. They're not going to guess they go by the info in the form. It's not complaining or having a pity party, it is giving the whole picture . . .

    And I am so glad you had that talk and the outcomes were positive.
    Good luck with it all. xx


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