Friday, 4 November 2022


 I'm having terrible gut problems again, entirely due to stress and anxiety.  So much so that I can't even think about food without feeling sick.  So my meals are small and very plain....last night for dinner husband had a pork stirfry, which he did himself, and I had a very small microwaved jacket potato with some green veg, half of which I left.  I've just prepped a pan of carrot & parsnip soup for lunch, for dinner tonight I'll have a cheese & tomato omelette - husband will have a pork roll (I made bbq pulled pork for him a couple of days ago) with chips and salad.

My hair is the greyest it's ever been, it desperately needs colouring again but right now I just can't be arsed.  I'm sure nobody cares (or even notices) what colour my hair is anyway.

Husband is out this morning, he's gone to have his regular brunch at a pub in town with his best mate, then he's got a few things to do in town.

Yesterday he got his cardiology appointment following referral from our GP - unbelievably, it's for 3 APRIL 2023!  So 5 months away.  Now, the GP told us he wasn't requesting an 'Urgent, to be seen within 2 weeks' appointment, but was expecting the appointment would be within 5 or 6 weeks, having told them husband's current angina and breathlessness symptoms and given the 'Needs further investigation' note on husband's chest x-ray.  Husband needs to see his GP again very soon, so he'll have a word with him about it.

Whilst I know the reasons for my current state of mind, some of the stuff isn't anything I can influence or do anything about.  I know people sometimes say if you can't change what's happening, then no point in worrying about it......yes probably true, but that's easier said than done.  We're not all the same, we're not all able to just dismiss things and carry on regardless.


The hospital have just rung and offered husband a cancellation appointment for Thursday next week - so that's a really good thing (the only good thing to have happened recently).


  1. Feel better…am reliever weaver is ok…I am attached to you guys…you two and diary of a retired teacher….

  2. Brilliant news on the cancellation. I was talking to my brother-in-law last weekend when they stayed with us, he now works at a hospital (as a plumber but he gets to hear all the latest news etc) and he said there are literally hundreds of appointments every month where people just do not turn up or let the hospital know that they are not going to come to the appointment. Thank goodness some people do still cancel their appointments and actually inform the hospital.

    As for your hair, why not treat yourself to a very short style that will show off the grey to its full advantage and then you just won't need to worry about dyeing it ever again.

  3. Well, that's good news about your husband's appointment, at least. I always worry about things I can't change either. I try to tell myself there's no point worrying, but things just whirl round in your head, don't they? I hope things settle down for you, soon. Wish I could pop round for a good old chat (I'm sure, together, we could put the world to rights!) and a hug. xx

  4. I get the worry even when you can't do anything. It's been my life lately. When you're a doer,a fixer, problem solver it almost makes it worse. I'm glad he'll get an earlier appt.

  5. I am really glad there was a cancellation, and your Hubby gets to go in earlier. I hope that you get your appetite back soon and that the stress lessens.

    God bless.


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