Thursday 22 August 2019

A minor irritation to add to the majors

Fingers crossed, our broadband seems to be working just fine now, it's still speedy (for here) and seems to have stopped dropping out all the time.  And it's only taken 7 years to get put right 😂😂😒.  The engineer lady Sarah said that she'd heard BT plan to have superfast fibre installed everywhere by 2025....I still won't believe that until/if it happens.  Still, we're happy with what we've now got, so long as it lasts.

My sleeping patterns had improved somewhat over the past few weeks, but have gone downhill again since the weekend - as bad as it's ever been.  Last night I don't think I got more than 2 hours sleep in total.  Things are preying on my mind again....husband's UTI and prostate problems, which are ongoing, Mum's continuing poor physical health and advancing dementia, and other things that are also worrying me.  And I've now got a verruca on the sole of my left foot - a silly little unimportant thing, but it's blimmin' painful.  I showed it to our practice nurse the other day, when I'd accompanied husband to his latest appointment - she confirmed it's a verruca but said the NHS don't offer treatment now, as the treatments available largely don't work anyway and it's just a case of waiting for it to go.  Oh well.

I shan't be doing much today just coz I'm so knackered - got an idea for a new card design so I'll work on that, maybe do a bit of pruning in the front garden, and keep husband supplied with drinks whilst he's doing some cementing and gravelling....and make sure he takes appropriate breaks.  Must ring the groomers as well....Betty is booked in for next week, but husband has just had an appointment in for his urine flow test, and of course it's the same day - isn't it always the way?!  His need is greater than Betty's so her appointment will have to be rescheduled.  I should also get in touch with our old electricity supplier - the transfer to the new one is complete and was done easily, however, the old supplier is dragging their heels about giving us a refund of the amount we'd overpaid.  As it's about £70, I'm not letting it go.  Why is everything such a battle these days? 😡


  1. My sleep is also out the window at the moment, so annoying isn't it?

  2. It's such a pain, being short of sleep. I'm sorry it's deteriorated again. xxx

    I got some stuff from the chemist to treat one when I got verrucae. It seemed to work OK for me but it was so long ago I can't remember what it was. It might be worth asking at a chemist. Before I did that, I just kept 'sanding' them down so that they didn't stick out - that helped the discomfort quite a lot.
    Three cheers for the improved connection and a big hiss and a boo to the old electricity suppliers. Anything to make life difficult!

  3. After a shower or bath, dry your foot well and cover the area with duct tape. After a day or two, remove the tape and the cone of compacted skin should come with it. It is not a cure, as the warts are caused by a virus, but it relieves the pressure and they will eventually go away.
    Barb from Canada

  4. Glad your internet is good now.We all seemed to get verrucas when I was a child from the swimming pool. We had stuff from the chemist and they cleared up.

  5. it gets in the way of doing almost anything. I probably said this before , but I have come to realize me worrying will not change the outcome of anything , so I have tried to give up worrying. ;)

  6. Snooze, I'm sorry your sleep pattern has gone to pot at the moment. You've have an awful lot to deal with at the moment, although thankfully your broadband is sorted now!
    My chiropodist has told me duct tape works for verrucas, as Barb has already said above. It's worth a try :)

  7. I know what you mean about everything being a battle - life has got so complicated these days it makes you feel quite worn out by it all. I haven't tried it myself but I believe the duct tape works.

  8. Duct tapes seems to be a bit like WD40, works for everything!!

    I don't think that nurse ever had a verruca otherwise she would be a bit more forthcoming with helpful advice. As others have said, chemist might be the best way for now. I had one once, years ago, for months, if not longer, and in the end had it cut out privately, it was the size of a pea and never came back.


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