Friday, 16 August 2019

Something nice for a change

We have a family wedding this afternoon, we're really looking forward to it....a chance to catch up with relatives we haven't seen for a while, on a very happy occasion, rather than the sad one last week.  It's my nephew and his fiancΓ©e, a lovely couple.  It's being held at what used to be an old abbey, in private ownership now and converted to a wedding and conference centre and with beautiful grounds, open to the public.  Sadly, the forecast is for heavy rain and winds all afternoon - the ceremony (and the following reception with a hog roast...yum) is being held indoors, thankfully, in the orangery.  However, they were going to be holding a scavenger hunt in the grounds after the ceremony.....don't think we'll be doing that!  Although I suppose the young people (big group of Uni friends) might, they're probably hardier and more adventurous than us oldies!  Anyway, I'm wearing a dress, bought new for the occasion - case of having to as I don't do dresses, living in jeans and jeggings all the time - so I don't fancy getting all bedraggled when I've gone to the trouble of dressing up for once!  

The dress is a wrapover style - probably not ideal for a windy day!  There's a bit of a walk apparently from the car park to the venue, and no chance for husband to drop me off, only for the immediate wedding party, it seems.  Will have to take a rain mac, wellies, umbrella and a plastic bag to put it all in then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

I've made a lovely wedding card (think I mentioned it before, it's my favourite one yet, will show a pic on my new card blog when I've got round to setting it up properly) and a gold organza bag to hold the card, seeing as it's a 3D one with a bunch of tissue paper flowers on the front, which wouldn't fit in an envelope.  The couple have asked for no gifts (they live together already), saying that if people want to, they can make donations to a couple of their favourite charities - how nice is that?  We've done that, but have also bought a small gift, which I've wrapped in a matching style to the card, again I'll put a pic on soon.

Our good friends are having Betty for the day - I hope they all get on alright!  Betty knows them well and loves them (although friend M isn't as tolerant with her as I am...but then it is his house she'll be staying in for the day!  I have asked him not to tell her off ALL day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜).  She'll be fine with them, I know....I'm just a bit nervous about it as I've never left her with anyone else before, certainly not for so many hours.  I shall be asking them for photo updates during the day.....I'm only half joking hehe.


  1. LOL - it's like the first time a new Mum and Dad go out for a date night after baby is born, isn't it? I am sure she will be OK.

    Have a wonderful time and I hope the conditions don't dampen things too much. Your outfit sounds really nice. Any chance of a photo of that?

  2. Do hope it isn't too wet - so you don't get bedraggled between car park and venue

  3. Have a lovely time. Hope the rain stays off.

  4. Enjoy your day you both deserve it.

  5. Look forward to photos.
    Betty will most likely win him over by day's end.
    Have fun.

  6. Hope all goes well. If the weather is bad I cannot see anyone objecting to your being dropped off. I get dropped off wherever we go due to my disabilities. ( If there is no blue badge space free.)

  7. Did you get wet? xx

  8. Hope you both had a lovely day, despite the weather. And I hope hubbie's problems will soon be sorted now you've got a genuinely caring GP to get things moving. xx


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