Thursday, 15 August 2019

Another BT update - good and bad

Following on from my email to the CEO of BT yesterday, this morning I had a phone call from a nice lady called Laura, from his Executive Customer Resolutions Team.  She said she would be taking personal charge of our complaint and would be seeing it through to a satisfactory resolution.  She'd looked at the recent history on our account and agreed that it was awful.  She said that as an engineer was booked for this morning, she would await his report by the end of the day and would give me a ring at 9 am tomorrow morning to discuss the next steps.  In the meantime, she said that the compensation amount of £25 for the engineer not turning up on Tuesday, which we'd been told would go in our bank account but has in fact been credited to our BT phone account, would now be going into our bank account, she's authorised it herself.  She said she would text me her direct phone line number and email address and I can get in touch with her directly at any time.  She texted immediately after her phone call with the promised details - good start.

About 20 minutes later, I had a further phone call from her.  She'd decided to check that the engineer was in fact definitely coming today....only to find that he wasn't!  Same thing as Tuesday, the phone operator husband spoke to booked the appointment, but omitted to send the details over to Openreach!  What on earth is wrong with them?  At the very least, they need proper training!  So once again we've been sitting in waiting for an engineer who wasn't even booked to come....unbelievable.  Laura was very apologetic indeed and said she would be having words with the offending operators, to find out why they hadn't done the job properly and make sure it didn't happen again.  She's booked us another appointment for Monday morning and promised that an engineer will definitely come, as she's handling the appointment booking herself.  We shall see!  She's going to ring me again on Monday afternoon.

She mentioned compensation again, and said that they will be looking to give us an extra goodwill payment on top of the compensation....I told her that we're not accepting anything until the complaint is resolved to our satisfaction (a friend advised that - thank you M x).

I told her that our No. 1 complaint is that the broadband signal drops out constantly - we're not that bothered about the slow speed, as we don't do gaming or anything that needs really fast speeds, but we do want and need a consistent service.  I then said our second most important and irritating complaint is that they lie to us - every single time we have the misfortune to have to speak to them.  I said we're paying them for a service that they are simply not providing, and that their customer 'service' to date has been rubbish.  She agreed.  

So....they're buggers once again for being so bloody inefficient and making us wait in for an engineer they haven't actually booked....but someone at the top has actually taken notice of my email and is endeavouring to put things right.  

I bloody hope the engineer DOES turn up on Monday, or Laura is going to be in for a rough ride in the afternoon!  I should give her the benefit of the doubt, but can't help being sceptical because they've been so inefficient at best, and downright dishonest at worst, thus far.


  1. Good for you sticking it out. I would be totally stressed and given up as we did and went with EE.

  2. Fingers very firmly crossed. It does sound more hopeful but time alone will tell.


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