Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Well, the funeral's done and dusted.  I'd been dreading it but in the event it was fine, the celebrant lady (non-religious speaker) delivered a lovely warm and personal eulogy that had me in floods of tears, particularly when she mentioned me and some special memories Sylvia and I shared.  I have my (temporary) pink highlights, my own personal tribute to Sylvia, and several people commented on my likeness to her, which was nice.  One of the pictures of her on the Order of Service was one where she had the same highlights, it was taken (by my husband actually) on her 60th birthday, so I'm very nearly the same age as she was in that photo.

I'm glad it's over, but am having great difficulty taking in the fact that I will never see my aunt again.  Despite the fact that I saw her in hospital just a couple of hours before she died, somehow it still doesn't seem real.


  1. Glad the funeral went well. Hope you can keep remembering the happy memories of your aunt.

  2. Sad for you in your loss. Hope you have some closure as they say. You have good memories, hold on to them.

  3. It seems impossible, doesn't it? You have some lovely memories to help you along though. I think they will help a lot in the immediate future.

  4. It's over with now, Sooze. But you can still call on your happy memories when you need to. Sometimes it's good to have s good cry, but other times, when I feel sad about my Dad not being here, I barge it out of the way with a happy memory :) x

  5. I always find a funeral to be quite cathartic, dreading going but relieved when it's over. Yes, you'll miss your aunt terribly but she is still part of you and always will be. xx


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