Thursday, 1 August 2019

Praise for BT (for a change!)

Our broadband has been playing up since last suddenly went very slow, then over the last couple of days was off altogether for several hours at a time.  It's never been fast here anyway - our top speed has only ever been just under 1 - yes, one - mb….living in a very rural area means no superfast or fibre, we're just grateful for having the internet at all.  Even if driving to the library or bank would be faster than trying to renew books or do banking online! 😂😒

Anyway, husband rang BT a couple of days ago, the Scottish chap did a few quick (unknown) things then said it was fixed.  Was it hell, it lasted a few hours but was back off again yesterday morning.  Rang again and got a very nice lady with a London accent, she spent half an hour on the phone with us trying all sorts of things, she was very helpful and apologetic.  She said she would raise a complaint for us as the previous chap clearly hadn't fixed things (I didn't ask her to, she just offered - what good it will do anyhow, if any, I don't know, but told her to go ahead).  She also said she'd send us a new updated Home Hub (ours was out of the ark).  It arrived this morning!  All set up relatively easily - nothing techie is easy for me, it gives me a corker of a headache and i find it horrendously stressful, but between us we managed to do it.  So far so good, all seems well, and our speed is up to 0.8!  Considering it was just 0.2 for the past few days (when it was working at all), that's fast!

The very nice lady from BT said she will ring us tomorrow to check whether everything is working alright, and would get an engineer out if not.  Fingers crossed it stays as fine as it is at present.

It's a lovely sunny day, very warm, Betty is flaked out on the sofa, husband is laying the final bit of concrete on the's taken him several weeks to do this new patio, as he's just been doing a little bit at a time in between bouts of illness.  I didn't mind how long it took him, I didn't want him doing it if he didn't feel up to it.  I've almost finished the wedding card, I'm so pleased with how it looks, just need some fancy gold ribbon to make a bow and that'll be it.  I'll put a photo on when it's done.  


  1. We moved from BT Broadband. So slow like yours. We are now getting a strong and swift signal from EE it comes from their phone mast. See if it is in your area. We signed up for it through Argos, EE are in there. It is also cheaper than BT.

  2. That is good news, I hope it remains like that.



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