Sunday, 25 August 2019

A happy BT resolution

The BT exec assistant rang me as promised on Friday, and we've come to a satisfactory conclusion regarding compensation.  They've given us £25 for each of the 2 missed engineer appointments, a month and a bit refund on monthly line rental, half price line rental for 18 months, plus £2 a month discount on our calling plan.  Oh, and 5 mins later she rang back, asking what home hub we'd been sent a fortnight ago....when I told her it was a Hub 4, she said she'd send a brand new latest model Smart Hub 6 - it arrived yesterday.  When the Hub 4 arrived, I thought at the time what a cheek, I knew it wasn't the most up to date model and thought they clearly just send out the next version up of whatever model the customer currently has, rather than giving them the newest version.  And the fact that the exec assistant stressed that this Hub 6 is a brand new one, makes me think that the Hub 4 we were sent wasn't even a new one but probably a reconditioned one!  Anyway, it's all fine now, we're happy, the speed is much improved and the signal hasn't dropped out for several days.  The compensation is welcome, but that was never an issue, we just wanted an adequate service and signal and that's what we've now got.  Laura also thanked me for bringing all the customer service faults to her attention, she said it was very helpful and measures will be put in place for better training, and people spoken to as necessary.

I do realise that BT are helping themselves as much as us, they're not being completely selfless....they are in effect tying us to another 18 months with them.  Well, seeing as there's no real viable alternative where we live, we would have stayed with them anyway, we know of a couple of neighbours who have tried TalkTalk and Sky and pronounced them no better.  Our new neighbours say they're going to try EE as BT is so rubbish....I wonder how they'll get on with that, our mobile phone signal with EE is very hit and miss.

I didn't feel very well at all last night, it was a combination of things physical and emotional, so went to bed early and, amazingly, went to sleep immediately.  Which meant I was awake and downstairs by 02.30 am, for an hour or 2, then went back to bed, went to sleep again (a surprise) and woke up at 7 am...another surprise.  Can't remember the last time I slept in that late.  I feel much better for it today.  Am in a contemplative mood today, going to have a quiet morning in the kitchen - husband has just brought in a boxful of veg from the garden which will all need prepping and freezing.

This afternoon we're going to the village hall (in the next, larger, village - there's no hall in our hamlet) with our neighbour friends, there's a cream tea event going on in support of church funds.  


  1. Glad things have been sorted. I too slept well, until 5:15 then again until 6:30, must be catching.

  2. I'm absolutely delighted that things have reached a satisfactory conclusion as far as the BT thing is concerned and also that you had su8ch a good long sleep, albeit cut into two.
    Have a lovely cream tea!

  3. Phew. Well done for sticking at it.

  4. What a good outcome! Well done.

  5. I love a cream tea and great news re your broadband and long may it continue. Best wishes for continued proper sleep.

  6. Well done for pursuing your BT problem, Sooze. I know it was a hugely stressful thing for you at the time, but your tenacity has got the problem solved (and the added bonus of the compensation) and for that you should be feeling good. Glad you're sleeping better too. Hope you enjoyed your cream tea x

  7. Well, it's about blimmin' time you got something from BT - let us hope that it stays in working order for a long time!

    Did you enjoy the cream tea? Sch good news about your sleeping, hope it continues to improve. HUGS! xx


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