Friday, 23 August 2019

Nice catch up and the weekend

Morning all, thanks for the comments about the duct tape - how odd for such a thing to work!  I'll be giving it a try I think, once husband's looked for the tape in his shed (and cleaned it off!).  I used to get verrucas quite often at school but never had one since, until now.  It's only very small, but as it's under my heel and I'm standing on it all the time, it's quite painful.

Yesterday turned out to be quite a good day, I helped husband get a trailer load of gravel in (he tells me it's not's oh I forget the name, stone for mixing in with cement!)....whatever it's called, it's blooming heavy and dusty.  I made a couple of cards....can't show photos yet as the recipients sometimes read my blog.  Played with the dog for a while - she's such a delight, makes me laugh every single day.  Then my best friend came round late afternoon for a coffee and quick catch up, which was lovely and a mood booster.  We don't get nearly enough time together though.

I slept better last night, but was still up very early.  I don't really mind that though, I like early mornings.  Unfortunately though, husband got up shortly after....he puts the TV on straight away and talks at me all the time - I like peace and quiet to wake up slowly!  Although I get up early, I'm not a morning person....I'm quite grumpy until I've had my bucket of coffee and perused the papers/blogs online.

Got to help husband again this morning, another trailer load (sand this time) to empty....he reckons that's the last of it. He's still concreting parts of the front garden, doing it a bit at a time, seems to be taking forever.  But he's doing it at his own pace and having regard for his health, which is good, I'll just be glad when it's finished and I can get my front garden looking nice looks like a building site at the mo.  Then he's off out this afternoon, leaving me in peace with the dog for 3 hours.  I might do some baking, or I might just lie on the bed with the dog and read!

No idea what we're going to do this weekend, it's forecast to be hot and sunny, we're not going anywhere touristy though as it'll be too busy.  Neighbour friends mentioned about us all going to the village hall on Sunday, they're doing a cream tea in aid of church funds, I think, so we'll probably do that.  


  1. I've never heard of using duct tape but I will remember, just in case!

    I would hate to give up my quiet mornings so I do sympathise. Have a lovely three hours of peace and quiet.

  2. Love the mood.
    SOOOOO, that is why you get up in the middle of the night...for peace and quiet. :)


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