Monday, 5 August 2019

No change

Thank you for comments, husband's UTI is no better at present, but he's soldiering on.  Still no letter giving scan results, he did try ringing this morning, it was an answerphone, he's left a message.

TA, yes BT is our only option here....a couple of neighbours out of sheer frustration with BT did try TalkTalk and Sky - worse if anything (if that's possible!).  We knew when we moved here that internet wouldn't be great....I wouldn't mind so much, but it's actually deteriorated quite a lot from what it was when we moved in, and yet BT (who are ALWAYS working on poles and cabinets in the area) claim there's no fault.  The new hub is still dropping out, 4 days after installation (they said to give it 3 days), and is still exceptionally slow.....and signal has already disappeared twice in the few minutes I've been typing this.  Dc, thank you for the info re BT wifi-with-FON - no better, the signal is just as bad.  I think the trouble is, this is a very small community here and there just aren't enough customers to make it worth BT's (or anybody else's) while to provide a better service.  We all went to a meeting in the village hall a couple of years ago, to a presentation provided by a new communications company who were promising all sorts of fantastic speeds - even they admitted, when questioned, that it would cost them too much to provide a service here to this tiny hamlet.  They were only really interested in the larger neighbouring parish, which is full of big posh houses and well-off residents.

I probably won't be posting much here in the near future....too much going on, rubbish internet, and a feeling of being out of control over what's happening in our lives.  I'm not depressed, just stressed as usual.  I will probably try to start posting again (internet dependent) on my food blog, as making food is about the only thing I do actually have control over right now.

Aunt's funeral is on Wednesday and I'm dreading it.


  1. We were with BT and they were rubbish.. swapped to Virgin and they are every bit as bad but half the cost. Internet is worse now than it was ten years ago.

  2. Our internet does kick off now and again but on the whole we are very lucky with it. I can't imagine being in your situation.....I would go mad.
    I do hope your husband gets his scan results soon so that you will at least know what you are dealing with.
    Sending love and hugs to you both-x-

  3. We (in another country) had our landline service terminated by our local telephone company. We have very poor cell phone service (because of nearby military which limits how powerful transmitters cell phone companies can use here). So we were basically without any working communication system. Hb worked on it and finally we have a working internet - we can buy and install external amplifiers to our internet devices, but not to our cell phones, that's illegal! I can do a lot with Whatsapp and Skype, but I can't phone emergency calls. I have to go at least 200m to be able to actually use a phone... if military isn't having any big thing happening; then it could be almost a mile - and that's a long way if you're panicking with your house on fire or some-one needing an ambulance.

  4. That is so frustrating. Countryfile have aired this problem a few times in their programs.

  5. I understand why you will be reverting to your food blog and I have been thinking about asking you a question there, so will pop over to ask it very soon.


  6. It's hard to say goodbye to a loved one, best wishes and strength for tomorrow!

  7. Hope tomorrow's funeral goes off ok. It will be a sad time saying goodbye to your Aunt. I expect there will be happy and funny memories too and you get a chance to catch up with family.
    Best wishes

  8. I do hope BT get cracking and sort out your broadband soon, Sooze and hope your dear husband gets his scan results soon. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow x


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