Friday, 9 August 2019

For Ann


Ann of 'An Ordinary Devonshire Life' has sent me a beautifully wrapped parcel of cardmaking goodies, lots of lovely and very useful toppers and stamps, along with a gorgeous handmade card.  Thank you so much.   If our internet wasn't so rubbish (even more so than usual) at the moment, I'd show some photos.

On the subject of our rubbish internet, husband has again spoken to BT, who are sending out an engineer next week.  They've said if a fault is found which is theirs, they will give us compensation to the tune of £8 per day, backdated to the day we first reported the fault (I said in that case, they should backdate it years, as we've been complaining to them about the rubbish broadband for pretty much the entire almost 7 years we've lived here).  If the fault is found to be with our equipment or inside our house, then we have to pay them £85.  At the moment, on the quick virtual tests they do, they're saying they can't find a fault, which is what they always say.  Well, if there's no fault, then why doesn't the damn thing work properly?!  Why hasn't it EVER worked properly?!

Thank you again Ann, I shall take your advice and lose myself in card making, especially whilst we have this horrible weather going on - galeforce winds and squally rain.  Been up since just after 03.00, a thunderstorm woke me up so I came downstairs to keep Betty company, she was wide awake and a bit anxious but soon settled down once she knew I was staying down with her.  I dozed off in the armchair and woke about 05.30 with a stiff neck.


  1. BT tell the biggest porkies of them all. For over a week I was told that there was either no fault, that someone would be there within the hour, that someone was actually at my property at that moment - or the fault had been repaired - all lies. Frustrating that they think we are that stupid. Not losing one's temper is the biggest challenge of all.Good Luck with them. And do as we did if you get no joy - write to the chief exec. The compensation was more forthcoming.

  2. My mobile phone reception has always been unreliable - on most of the time, but dropping out when most needed - but the last month it has been truly appalling. I looked on the EE website and apparently they had just fixed a fault with my local mast, but would look into it. Surprise, surprise, apparently there is nothing wrong! I would be willing to put money on the fact that the problem dates to the time when they 'fixed the problem'!

  3. Enjoy the cards-wifi seems to be slow everywhere! Alas-no one can fix it-they tell us!!!

  4. How kind and thoughful of Ann, enjoy! it is a good way of taking yourself away from the stresses of life. We have Virgin internet if there are any problems they always give a discount. Have a good weekend Sue.

  5. Glad you like them Sooze! It's definitely the weather for battening the hatches and doing something creative indoors. Hope Betty is more chilled now x

  6. This is why we changed to Virgin, they told us about the fault business, what a cheek. Virgin repair it all, inside or out. Shame you have to rely on the thieving BT.

  7. How kind of Ann to send you things for you card making; you can ignore the weather.

    I get really tetchy in windy weather, so cannot wait for this storm to blow right through and out the other end. xx


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