Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Hooray for good doctors

The GP phoned yesterday (at least they do what they say they will!) - in fact he rang twice.  The first time to confirm that husband does indeed have another UTI - well, it's the same one all the time, it just doesn't go away fully.  The GP said he's not keen on giving husband yet more antibiotics as, in his words, he's had every one known to man as it is!  He said the danger is that husband will become antibiotic resistant.  I said (husband was out at the time) I understood, but that the infection will never go away if it's not treated, so what's the alternative?  GP said he didn't know, but would phone the consultant and get advice (hooray!).  I'm so glad he did....he rang back 20 mins later to say the consultant (a locum one, husband's one is on holiday for 3 weeks) told him to try another type of drug, an antibacterial, husband is to be on it for an initial period of 1 month.  In the meantime, the consultant said he would arrange for husband to have a flow test, to check exactly how much urine is being left behind when he pees (which is apparently, in the absence of any other firm diagnosis, what could be causing the repeated UTIs).  All we know for definite so far is that husband's prostate is grossly enlarged - twice the size it should be - and it's squashing his bladder and urethra.  The consultant said that having this test will push things along whilst the regular consultant is away - hooray for a GP who's not afraid to ask for advice, and a consultant who is proactive and understands the distress caused by husband having these repeated UTIs for months and still no relief or proper diagnosis.

I've had a stomach upset since the funeral last week, it seems to be ongoing.  I don't feel unwell, just need to stay near a loo!  In fact, I've felt distinctly under par for weeks, I guess it's all the stress.

Still no plumber.  Just hope the BT engineer turns up this morning.  They said he will phone 30 mins before the appointment - seeing as BT told me the last time I spoke to them that we'd get both a courtesy phone call and a text, neither of which happened, I'll believe it when (if) it happens.  BT just lie all the time.

Meanwhile, since we've had the new hub, our broadband speed over the past few days has actually improved a lot, speed tests show it now averages around 1 or even 1.1 mbps.  Wow!  Yes I know it's still ridiculously slow, but it's the highest we've ever had in the 7 years we've been living here.  However, the signal is dropping out more than ever - several times an hour, it's dropped out 4 times whilst writing this post**, hence I now know to save my text every few sentences.  It's very annoying when it happens whilst I'm trying to type an email, or comment on a blog (they just disappear) or, worse, when doing some online banking.  This is the 21st century, why can't they just fix it and provide a decent service for goodness sake!

**Edit - the 4th time the broadband outage lasted 1.5 hours, it's just come back on.


  1. I am so glad that things are now moving on for your husband. Let's hope this is the beginning of him getting well.

  2. Hey, I wanted to offer my 2 cents here about my husbands experience and give a few drug names. First, my husband had ongoing UTI's about 3 years ago. The urologist did do a bladder scan which is really nothing much but shows how much urine is being retained. He was on the drug FLOMAX which you can ask for as it increases the urine flow to hopefully empty the bladder. He always no matter what still had some urine retention. But it did help and the UTI's did stop. Next, he also has enlarged prostate. The drug for that is called FINASTERIDE. It takes a few months to start being effective but his last visit to the urologist showed it almost normal. If I were you I would be PROACTIVE about getting the drugs. The urine scan will only show what you already know. The other thing is my husband was shown how to SELF CATHETERIZE. Not the most pleasant but it completely resolved the problem. I would speak to your urologist and bring up these things and be medically knowledgable about it. Best to you and your husband.

  3. Glad someone is doing something. My husband had an enlarged prostate and after trying meds to shrink it he had laser surgery. He was lucky he never had infections but I am sure he would have if he didn't have the surgery. My husband use to go to the bathroom constantly because his bladder was never empty, now he will go for hours without needed a bathroom. Good luck to you and your husband, all those antibiotics can't be good.

  4. At last, a pro-active GP. Let's hope that things will now move forward at a faster pace.

    Bloody BT!

    Hugs! xx

  5. Fingers crossed for you both.

  6. I can't believe that they are charging you for Broadband with that speed.
    At last some light at the end of the tunnel for your husband, I sincerely hope that this time the drugs work.

  7. Hope the new treatment works better for your husband and things move along quickly. and also your upset stomach settles down.
    I've got BT Fibre - set up by the previous owner and touch wood no problems but I can't change to anyone else so have to put up with price increases.

  8. Have you thought of unplugging and plugging back in all your equipment? Internet wise.


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