Sunday 10 November 2019

All sorted

Thank you for all the comments, it is good to be home (our house seems so much roomier!).  The rollercoaster with Mum continues, unfortunately, it's affecting us all.

It's been a nice day, sod's law of course, windy and chilly but no rain and plenty of sunshine.  Not that I've seen much of it, been busy all day unpacking, putting everything away and doing 2 lots of washing, catching up with some banking, putting yesterday's dry goods shopping away, then chopping loads of veggies for roasting for today's dinner and tomorrow's soup.  Everything done now and I can sit (after serving up dinner) and watch a bit of TV, the Strictly results show - oh I do like Kelvin!  Those biceps, lovely firm backside and nice beard....what's not to like?! 😉  And he can dance!  Not so keen on his partner Oti though, I should think she's bossy and scary.  I like Michelle Visage too, such a strong confident woman.  I think it's time Mike and Katya went home, he's nowhere near as good a dancer as the rest, and Katya just irritates me, she has a face like a slapped arse sometimes, especially when the dance off couples are announced.  It's the last episode of the WW2 drama tonight, World on Fire, that's been good, if quite harrowing.

Husband will watch anything, totally indiscriminately, he does the man thing and sits there with the remote control in his hand, constantly flicking through the channels, drives me mad.  Especially when he drops off to sleep within 5 minutes and the damn TV's left on some crap car or running around the country buying antiques programme! 😒 Whereas I only have the TV on if there is a particular programme I want to watch, I'd much rather have music on.


  1. Classic FM and taped Midsomer Murders for me - whip through the ads! Glad you are back safe.

  2. I shall be watching Strictly results (although I've already cheated and looked at the strictly spoiler website so know who's out!) and World on fire too.....wonder if they might carry on with another series into the war - depends how it finishes of course.
    Always nice to get home from a holiday I reckon.

  3. What is it about men and TV? Like your Hubby, mine will watch anything about buying/selling/doing up rusty old cars/crap stuff, even if he watched it the day before! Sorry to hear your Mum's health is still causing you worry. Been there, done that! It's not easy. Everything is out of your control, and you feel so helpless. I sincerely hope things settle down soon for you. xx


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