Saturday, 2 November 2019

Best laid plans....

Not a good start to the first day of our holiday, it's a raging storm out there, chucking it down and wind gusting up to 70 mph.  Betty took one look out the door and thought 'bugger that, I'm going back to bed'.  Even she can't hold her bladder forever though, she'll have to go out shortly whether she wants to or not (husband doesn't fancy it much either).  We have an arch over our front gate, one of those plastic things, it's covered in honeysuckle and clematis.  The wind is rocking it badly, husband says part of it is already broken, he says he'll have to try and get out there to deal with it before we go....we don't want it collapsing on the postlady!  He doesn't know whether he can fix it, I've said don't bother with trying to do that, just pull it down in view of the weather and lack of time.

I had a terrible night, downstairs for a couple of hours or so, horrendous gut problems, so don't feel good at all.  In fact, seriously contemplating not going until tomorrow instead - that's the first time I've ever thought about delaying the start of a holiday.  Will see how I feel, and whether the weather improves, in a bit.


  1. As you say, not a good start - I hope things improve for you. We have had to delay our holidays before now for various reasons - I would just go when you are ready and feel better. x

  2. Oh, what a shame. Still, maybe you'll feel better later or tomorrow. The weather is awful (mind you it's November in the UK, so we can't expect glorious sunshine!) Hope you do get away - you need a break, but if you're not feeling well, home is the best place. xx

  3. omg Sooze, when will it all end for you. Hope you do get away, you need it.

  4. Deep breath, clench your hands, breathe out and SWEAR loudly!

    Fingers crossed for you, my lovely, that the sun shines on you soon. XOXO

  5. Hope things will improve so you can enjoy your well deserved break. x


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