Thursday 28 November 2019

It's that rollercoaster again

Thanks all for the supportive comments.  Mrs LH and guusje, thank you for saying I didn't look particularly overweight in my lovely birthday shirt....all I can say is that it's extremely flattering and covers a multitude of sins!  One of the reasons why I chose it....along with the sparkly cuffs.

The osteoarthritis and trochanteric bursitis aren't really worrying me - I've been coping with the pain without medical help for the past year, and in any case, the CBD oil is taking the edge off the pain.  The liver stuff is worrying, though.  I wish I'd been told more about it when it was first diagnosed several years ago - a different GP at a different surgery.  Had I been given more advice then, I might have had the incentive earlier to lose weight and thus the NAFLD might not have got worse, as it has.  Still, better late than never I guess.  Coincidentally, the same GP also told me years ago that I was pre-diabetic, again without telling me anything about that....I didn't realise the significance of it at the time, didn't even really know what it meant.  And of course I went on to develop full-blown T2 diabetes.  With the benefit of hindsight, I should have asked for more information at the time of being told these two quite significant things.  I think GPs are much more inclined to discuss things fully with patients nowadays.

Joy and Janice, my GP said that the liver problem is likely to be the cause of some of my gut problems, but in her opinion they're also due to stress.  Funnily enough, having felt very well for the past couple of weeks, yesterday morning I wasn't well at all, hadn't slept much, awful gut pain and even considered going back to bed mid morning.  I didn't though, as I was waiting for news about my Mum.

Having gone home on Monday, after 3 weeks in hospital, Mum is now back in hospital again.  The district nurse went to her yesterday morning, and immediately rang my sister and arranged for an ambulance, as Mum had gone downhill rapidly.  She was seen by a doctor in hospital and had some tests, they're of the opinion that she now has quite severe heart add to the heart murmur and atrial fibrillation she already has, along with kidney cancer, a badly ulcerated leg, diverticulitis, constant UTIs and early dementia.  She's been put on oxygen and IV antibiotics and is once again being kept in for however long it takes.  Elder brother drove up there yesterday, he and sister are sitting with mum at the hospital as much as possible.  Poor old thing, it really is a rollercoaster for all of us, we do wonder how much longer it can go on.

Had a bad night again last night, felt so unwell I went to bed around 8 pm but didn't sleep very well again.  Consequently I'm knackered now, but at least my guts seem to have settled down.  Obviously the stress of the visit to the GP and the implications of it all, along with worry about my mum, is getting to me.  Perhaps I need to up my CBD oil dosage (they recommend you start off with a low dose and add more gradually).


  1. So sorry things are down again for you. It's no wonder you can't sleep, so many things on your mind. Increasing the CBD dose may help - worth a try. You're in my thoughts. xx

  2. You're right - doctors and medical practitioners generally are much, much better at giving out information nowadays and, of course, there's always the Internet and reliable sites to read.
    Your poor mum - it's no life at the moment, is it? What a worry for you all. No wonder you're not sleeping well with all that going around in your brain.
    Sending love

  3. Hope things pick up for you and your mum - it is certainly a stressful time at the moment. x

  4. So sorry that things have gone downhill again.
    I will keep you in my thoughts.
    Love and Hugs-x-

  5. You are most definitely on a rollercoaster!
    When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2011, I was never given the chance to try and reverse it by diet and lifestyle - my doctor just put me on maximum dose Metformin/BP tablets/statins - and me being new to all this at age 47 just went along with it all. I've reversed it once by losing weight - got down to 11st and was able to come off all the tablets. I then fell off the wagon and re-gained 3st (in 3 years) and had to go back on the tablets. I'm now a stone down and am continuing downwards - simply because I hate taking tablets. I wish he'd given me the option first off to try with diet first. I don't even know why I'm on the BP tabs or statins as my BP has always been normal and I've never had a prob with my cholesterol. It's probably as the 3 drugs are the set "template" for diabetics. Basically, I've had to give up all the foods I love - and with Christmas looming I'm guessing this will be a battle of wills for me!

  6. Oh Sooze, you poor love. It's been one thing after another for you. I am sending you a gentle hug. x

  7. Oh, love, so sorry to hear of this latest development. Wishing for a magic wand to make it all better... xxx

  8. Good thoughts from here. and a hug. :)


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