Saturday, 16 November 2019

Something's missing!

Thanks for comments on buying locally produced food....very interesting.  I'm sure more people would be happy to buy local produce - if the growers themselves would sell it to us.  

My hospital appointment yesterday went off alright, with no hitches and very few traffic problems - well, it was a different time of day for a start, a less busy time.  I only just sat down in the waiting room when I was called in almost immediately, despite being 10 minutes early, so that was a good start, and we managed to drive home afterwards in the normal amount of time, no hold ups.

It was a man doing the job - it's funny, every time I've had to have any kind of intimate or personal examination, it's been a man doing it.  Not that I'm bothered about it, I'm not - they're doctors, they've seen it all before, they're just doing a job.  It just seems funny that even when there are mostly women doctors doing the job at the time I attend, I can almost put money on it that I'll get the one male doctor there!

Anyway, he was very friendly, kind and thoughtful, putting me at ease (not easy when you're naked from the abdomen down in front of a man you've never seen before) and explaining what he was doing every step of the way.  I had a very thorough ultrasound scan of my entire abdomen, stomach and sides, and all my pelvic area, followed by an internal examination by camera of my womb and ovaries.

To cut a long story short, he didn't find anything sinister - he said I have multiple smallish gallstones (some bigger than others) and a fatty liver, both of which I've known about and had for years and thus far have given me no problems.  He said there didn't appear to be anything worrying in my womb, but he couldn't get a clear picture of my right ovary, either with the ultrasound or the internal camera.  And, somewhat surprisingly, he couldn't see my left ovary.  At all.  I asked if it meant I didn't actually have one?  He said he couldn't answer that....apparently the ovaries can shrink a bit after menopause, but he'd never heard of one shrinking to nothing!  He'll submit his report to my GP and said she will most likely want to order further investigations and tests, in view of there being no immediate concrete evidence of a cause of my gut problems, and of course the missing ovary.  Not that I suppose a missing ovary, if indeed it is missing, makes much difference to me at my age!

So it seems nothing sinister going on, which is good, but that means I'm still none the wiser as to what's wrong with me, and still no treatment in sight.


  1. I was expecting you to have a colonoscopy, maybe that will be next so they can see the inside of you in more detail. Good that nothing sinister was found though isn’t it.

  2. Still rather a puzzle then? Gall stones can create problems elsewhere but I guess he'd have spotted that.
    Great news that it's nothing obviously 'sinister' though, that must be a relief.

  3. Good news that they didn't find anything wrong but then that doesn't give you any answers about your symptoms which must be rather frustrating.

  4. Good news that the scan was clear and nothing sinister found. I'm starting to wonder whether your body is intolerant to gluten.

  5. Phew! thank goodness for that. I think a lot of gut problems stem from anxiety and worry Sooze and you've had your share just lately. Maybe when hubby gets sorted and now you know that you have nothing major you may be able to settle a bit. Hugs

  6. Good news that nothing sinister was found. That must be a relief. As Crafty Cat Corner said, your gut problems may just be stress related. Hope that's the case, because as the stress dissipates, so should your symptoms. Strange about the ovary, but as you say, not really a problem now! xx

  7. Well , you do know now , that nothing sinister is living in there , like an alien.

  8. Welcome to the "we can't find your left ovary" club. Mine disappeared about six years ago! Was having monthly ultrasounds for cysts and then whoosh, one month they couldn't find it at all.

    No loss, it was useless at my point of life.


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