Tuesday 5 November 2019

Tuesday (I think!)

Thanks for comments, and apologies for any errors - I didn't bring my laptop, only my little Amazon fire tablet. It's more of a reader type thing really, not so good for typing on, but it suits my purposes.

I'm having a good time, husband and dog not so much - the huge amounts of rain we've had have made things difficult.  Far too wet to go out sight seeing or walking, but betty still needs to go out. Which falls to husband - selfish it may be, but I just don't do walking in the rain, he's not so bothered about it, he's got his waterproofs. Betty's not overly keen on walking in rain so they're only short walks.  So she's full of pent up energy, meaning she's bounding around and mischievous - not a problem at home but challenging in this small space!  We went to visit our friends in their holiday cottage yesterday, not far away....It's a nice place, lovely big kitchen diner, betty had a lovely time running around the room (don't think she sat down once) and playing with friend M, who she loves.  Took her ages to settle when we got back to our place though, she was so excitable. She's always like that after she's seen him 😒

We had a lovely lunch out with them in a beautiful newly done up (dog friendly) posh foodie pub.  The food was fabulous, literally the best chips we've ever had anywhere, and quite reasonably priced for an obviously upmarket place.

Weather forecast is supposed to be much better today, so we'll go into bude, we like it there.

The tv doesn't work again  this morning so husband's not too happy, although it doesn't bother me.  I assume it could be to do with the awful weather.  The owner's already been over on Sunday to sort it out, bit  reluctant to get him here again, he doesn't live on site.  Still, there are loads of dvds here so husband could always watch them.


  1. The rain certainly puts a damper (excuse the pun) on things. Hope the weather improves for you and you can get out and about. Glad the break seems to be working its magic - you sound less stressed already! xx

  2. I'm sorry it's been so wet for you down here, Sooze. Although I think today is going to be a dry one for you, fingers crossed xx

  3. Like the others, I'm sorry about the rain (however much needed it is) but it's always nice to get away and Betty seems to be having a good a holiday as you. Your lunch out sounds wonderful - good chips are ambrosia, I think.
    Have a great time in Bude.

  4. I do hope the weather settles down for you soon and that you are feeling a bit better now Sooze. Sometimes, I think, a change of scene helps to break the feeling of anxiety which comes with feeling off colour. I know it helped me when we went away last weekend for my birthday. My IBS had been playing up again and after 3 nights away I feel so much calmer. Take care and have a lovely day, rain or not :) x

  5. What a shame about the weather - often you can have some lovely dry sunny days in November (my daughter got married on one of them). Fingers crossed it will improve so you can get out and about.x

  6. Flippin' weather. Hope you get a dry day or two so that you can get out.

  7. Sounds like YOU are getting just what you need , down time for yourself. ;)


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