Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Rollercoaster is up at the moment

Thank you for all the comments, husband is ecstatic that his infection's gone, after all these months.  More so because it means he can have the tests prior to his op.  

50 and counting, thank you for the clarification.  And haha Julia, I don't  normally wear socks, preferring bare feet (I get hot feet) but perhaps I ought to!  I'm not worried about the scans at all, no kind of medical examinations bother me really.  I am a bit concerned about what they might find, though, but whatever it is, it can finally be treated.  My gut trouble has been going on so long now, it's become a way of life.  It is a nuisance at times, though, as well as being very painful.

I'm having a cooking and baking day, have just sat down for a cuppa and short break.  It's sunny today (would be wouldn't it, when I have a planned day in the kitchen!), although showers are forecast later - in fact, showers all week.  The galeforce wind that was howling all night seems to have dropped a bit, thank goodness, and it's not quite as chilly today as it was yesterday.  We had hailstones last night, made the lawn look like it was covered with snow, Betty loved it - she dashed outside once the hail had stopped and was running round the lawn with her snout to the ground, snorting and licking the hailstones up.  Bonkers, she is, makes me laugh every day.


  1. Imagining Betty tearing around the garden gave me a smile this morning.

  2. Medical examinations aren't something to look forward to, but if they get to the cause of your problems, worth any discomfort or embarrassment. I can picture Betty licking up the hailstones. Aren't animals funny! xx

  3. That is very good news for S, a positive for you at last. xx

  4. Brilliant news about your hubby, Sooze! Just you to sort out now and I'd put some socks on, nothing worse that cold tootsies! Typical of it to be nice, when you're in the kitchen, always the way. It's lovely when animals find hail or snow so entertaining, which entertains you in turn :)

  5. Fantastic news about him out. Now you can focus on you and hopefully get whatever the trouble is sorted.


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