Tuesday 26 November 2019

Everything's good (fingers crossed!)

Thank you for comments, I do appreciate them all.

The CBD oil continues to surprise me, I'm still sleeping very well.  For the last couple of days I've woken up around 04.00 and not been able to get back to sleep, but have had several (5 or 6) solid hours of sleep prior to that, which is fantastic.  I really had forgotten what it's like to sleep well and wake feeling refreshed, that almost never happens to me.  The other best thing is that the oil is having a positive effect on my hip and back pain.....the pain is very much reduced, which I find quite astonishing.  The stiffness is still there, and my hips (particularly my right one) still click audibly when I first get up, but not much pain, even throughout the day when I've been busy in the kitchen.  I'm genuinely astounded.

I've noticed (as has my husband!) that it's having a positive effect on my mood also....I feel calm, happy, chilled and relaxed, despite stressful things still going on.

Speaking of which....this afternoon I have my GP appointment to get the results of my scans, and to see what she says about my missing ovary, if anything.  My stomach troubles haven't been nearly as bad the past few days - whether that's anything to do with the oil I wouldn't know, although I wouldn't have thought so....other than perhaps reducing my stress levels and therefore my guts aren't tying themselves up in knots.  Perhaps all along it's simply been a case of IBS due to the huge amount of stress, although if it is that, I must say I'm very surprised that IBS could be so painful and debilitating.

Mum came home from hospital yesterday, having been there for 3 weeks.  She was brought home by ambulance, and the hospital had been in touch with her care company and arranged for the carers to come out to her at 6 o'clock, and for the district nurse to come in three times a all went quite smoothly, for a change.  Mum is much better than she was, but we're under no illusions that it will last, unfortunately.  

I've decided I'm not going for my annual diabetes review, or to the opticians for my 2-yearly check up.  I had an HbA1c (diabetes blood glucose) test along with the armful of blood tests the GP ordered a couple of months ago, and it was fine, no change from the last time I had it done.  I also had my feet checked by the specialist podiatrist last week, so I don't feel I need a review at the moment.....the nurse would only be doing checks I've already had done so I don't see the point.  I don't feel my eyesight has changed much since my last sight test, my glasses still seem fine so I don't think that's necessary either - although I will go for my annual diabetic retinopathy screening when it's due, which is usually around Feb/March.  We've both had so many health appointments lately, both GP and hospital, and I'm just a bit fed up with it all.  I've got the dreaded boob squashing next month, I'll go for that.  And hopefully that will be it for this year!

Incidentally, the mobile mammogram unit this time will be in the carpark of the local hospital - normally it's in Morrisons carpark.  Somehow it will feel better having it done at the hospital, even if it is still in the carpark rather than in the building itself.  Having your boobs roughly manhandled and squashed whilst you're standing in a supermarket carpark (albeit in a big mobile unit) with shoppers all around you is a bit of a surreal experience - ok, stupid I know, it's not like they can see me!  It just feels weird....


  1. Glad you are sleeping well, it really does lift the mood, I say that perhaps I might try some of this oil, I haven't been as bad as I was, but last night had a pain in the hip.

  2. Great news on all counts. Stress can cause all sorts of weird things to happen to our bodies, both physical and mental. Hope the GP appointment goes well. xx


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