Monday, 4 November 2019


Our holiday bungalow (well, the owners call it a bungalow but it's a chalet really) is nice, small but well equipped with quality furnishings, and warm. The bed is lovely and comfy....not that I'm sleeping any better, unfortunately.  It's got lovely countryside views - when it's not shrouded in mist and murk from the damn rain!  We've had a lot of rain, it's absolutely hammering down right now, biblical amounts of it, hence why I'm up and typing this, even husband and dog are awake, although both still in bed (not the same bed I hasten to add).  I'm sure this has been the wettest does rain quite a bit here in the West Country, but not usually this much...there are times when you wonder if it's ever going to stop.  Apparently, it's forecast to be a nice day tomorrow.....we'll see!

It's very quiet here, despite being behind a pub, I'm enjoying the peace and doing a lot of reading. Not been in the pub yet, it has an excellent reputation for food though and is very dog friendly, so we'll be eating lunch in there at least once.

I just wish we could get out and about a bit more, we like this area a lot, having been here lots of times over the years. Maybe tomorrow, if the forecast is true.

Husband cut down our broken clematis and honeysuckle covered arch before we left home on Saturday.  Sad to see it come down, but we couldn't run the risk of it collapsing and injuring someone.  We did eventually come here late Saturday afternoon after all, the weather was pretty horrendous on the way and I didn't feel very well at all, but fortunately have felt better since.


  1. That sounds like a lovely restful holiday. Hopefully you will start to feel better and more able to sleep. x

  2. Well, if the weather stays grotty, you can just snuggle up with a book. And the pub is within dashing distance for food! Hope the break does the trick and makes you feel a bit better. Shame about the clematis and honeysuckle, but they should regrow (hopefully stronger) next year. xx

  3. Hope the weather is better for the rest of the week

  4. The holiday will do you the world of good.x

  5. We live in apparently the driest area of England and we also have had lots of rain.

  6. It sounds a lovely home and I'm glad it's comfortable, warm and cosy. My fingers are crossed that he dry weather here moves your way quickly. How lovely to have a pub close by. Does it serve good food?

  7. I see you decided to take the laptop after all - might be a good decision if it continues to rain and I can look forward to more posts while you are away. Getting away and some different scenery will do you good.
    Wishing you better weather x

  8. Enjoy the break, it's always easier to rest when away from home, you can't see any jobs that need doing.

  9. So sorry about the weather and I hope it brightens up for you.

    Hugs! xxx


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