Thursday, 21 November 2019

A minor miracle

Well, I reckon it's a bit of a major miracle actually.  For the third night running, I've slept very well....that's unheard of for me.  No exaggeration.  It must be the CBD oil....if all it does is help me sleep but does nothing for the pain, it's worth every penny.  Having said that, this morning for the first time, the pain in my hips and back is not quite so pronounced - still there, but I would say the edge has been taken off it.  And this is on a low dose!  The idea is you start on a low dose and gradually increase it, to a level where it does what you want it to.  I'm gobsmacked, to be honest.

I went to the hospital yesterday (our second home!!) to see a specialist about my foot recap, for some months now I've noticed reduced sensation and some pins and needles in the sole of my right foot, underneath the heel.  I mentioned it to my diabetes nurse and she said it could be a diabetic thing, so referred me for it to be checked out.  Turns out it is due to diabetes.  The specialist podiatrist (a very jolly Asian Brummie who could talk the hind legs off a donkey) said it's not significant at the moment and if I keep my diabetes well controlled then it shouldn't progress.

I had what I thought was a verruca on the sole of my left foot, so showed that to him....turns out it's not a verruca, it's a corn (no idea what the difference is, I just know it was painful).  He scraped and dug around in it with what appeared to be a sharp craft bloody hurt I can tell you, although as he was continually chatting and shaking with laughter at his own jokes, it did take my mind off the pain somewhat!  Anyway, the pain was worth it as it doesn't hurt to stand on it anymore.

The next health thing is my GP appointment next Tuesday, when I get the results of my gut and womb scans and find out what the next step is.  I'm so over all this health stuff now, fed up with it all.

One thing that's a bit worrying.....husband had a letter giving an appointment for him to see the urology consultant on 10 December.  It says in the letter he should take a family member or friend with him into the consultation 😳

I would go with him anyway - but we've never been told that before, and of course we're wondering why it said that - what are they going to tell him?  Could it be because they're going to say he's got prostate cancer?  If it is that, well it's one of the more treatable cancers and is slow growing.  We know someone who has it and the hospital aren't even treating him - they say he'll die of old age before the cancer gets him (mind you, he is 88 and in fairly good health otherwise).


  1. That's great news about your sleep and pain. Here's hoping the CBD oil continues to help. I hope Hubby doesn't get a cancer diagnosis, but if it is prostate cancer, it can be treated. I think they sometimes ask for a friend/family member to be present if the patient is older, in case they have hearing/memory problems! Thinking of you both, and sending hugs. xx

  2. Hi. I am sorely tempted to try CBD oil for sleep - going to Holland and Barratt later so may indulge. Just out of interest - was the corn or callous on the ball of your foot? I get these and tried putting Bazooka gel on it for several days in a row. After about a week I peeled off the thick layer that had built up and out it popped! Really sharp bottom to it so no wonder they are painful. Just incase you get another, but I'm guessing you need professional attention when caring for your feet? Keeping everything crossed that your husband's appointment brings encouraging news.

  3. REally glad the the oil seems to be helping - sleep is a real blessing and lack of it totally the opposite.
    There are lots of reasons why a family member is asked to be present so fingers crossed and good vibes being sent over your way.

  4. We have a bottle of cbd that Tom used to use, I might give it a go tonight, like you I am restless with my hip and back and am up a couple of times in the night.

  5. Glad to hear that the cbd oil is helping with your sleep. Would you consider also taking the thc oil, it might help more with the pain? Two sets of ears are always helpful when going to see any doctor. Hope everything goes well.

  6. First tea on getting some sleep. Hopefully your pain will lessen soon. I know when my husband saw the urologist he could tell me right away my husband didn't have prostate cancer which of course is our first thought. Hopefully it is just that the specialist wants someone to drive him home after his test.


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