Friday 29 November 2019

No Black Friday shopping here!

Nope, there's nothing we need or want to buy.

Thank you very much for comments.  Mrs LH, I only take half the recommended dose of Metformin, higher amounts don't agree with me so I've told my diabetes nurse I'm not going any higher.  I do take BP tabs, a low dose, as I have moderately high BP (with all that goes on in my life, I'm surprised it's not through the roof).  I flatly refuse to take statins, it's on my medical notes that I won't have them, personal choice but as far as I'm concerned any possible benefits are outweighed by the side effects of brain fog and muscle weakness/pain.  My cholesterol is higher than the medics would like, but not by much.

The hospital tests have diagnosed that Mum has a lot of fluid around her heart, she's on industrial strength diuretics and they want to put a catheter in, which I think she's resisting at the moment.  Sis had a phone call late last night to say the hospital were moving Mum from the assessment ward to a cancer and haematology one....why that particular ward we don't know yet, sis and bro should find out today when they go up shortly.  We do know she's got kidney cancer, which is not currently being treated, only managed with painkillers.

Husband's out this morning, so I have a couple of hours to myself - well, with Betty, who's no trouble at all.  Going to plan a few more healthy meals.

I'm having a lot of gut trouble again, clearly stress related.


  1. It may be that your mum is being moved to receive better palliative care as they are far better trained in this than on an ordinary ward. They will know better how to deal with her problems arising and give her better pain relief and better support. My dad had kidney failure after a fall and couldn't be moved so these specialist doctors and nurses trained in end of life palliative care came to him and made him much more comfortable.
    My mum has been taken off statins now by a new doctor she has seen recently as she has had so many muscle problems in her legs and is finding walking difficult. He said he had no idea why she was on them anyway and the repeat prescriptions she has been getting for years should have been reviewed and haven't.
    Hope you can get all your health problems under control - I would always start with my diet - it saved my life when I had cancer - not easy but very worthwhile - I cut out everything that was processed or came in a packet and ate fresh veg, salads and fruit, learnt to juice vegetables and meditated - I never felt so well even though I was ill! I have since relapsed a bit but have thought I need to take myself in hand again in the new year.
    Whoops - another essay! xx

  2. 'm sure you're right and much of the pain is stress relates. You've been under a lot of stress fopr quite a long time now and it does have a negative effect in many ways.
    I hope the new ward will be a good move for your mum.

  3. I agree with wherethejourneytakesme, they're probably moving Mum to give her better palliative care. A stressful time for you, not only Mum's health worries but your own and Hubby's too. It's no wonder you can't sleep and are having gut problems! Hoping things settle for you soon. The only trouble with planning meals is - it makes you hungry! A vicious circle indeed! xx

  4. Just read your last few posts, Sooze. Sorry you're feeling so poorly again st the moment. Take time for yourself to try and de-stress. Losing weight and trying to get fitter is tough, but by taking it gently, little by little you will do it.


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