Monday, 18 November 2019

CBD oil

CBD (cannabis oil, or cannabidiol to give the correct name) seems to be the latest 'trendy' thing, I guess it's seen as being a little bit naughty or brave or 'alternative' if you admit to using it, even though it doesn't contain the actual 'naughty' bit of the cannabis plant.  Well, seeing as it's now legal to use for certain medical conditions and you can buy it in Holland and Barrett, not that naughty anyhow.  But does it actually work, does it give relief for the (many and varied) conditions and claims made for it?  Well, hopefully I will soon find out.

I've never used any kind of recreational drug in my life, never felt the need or even thought it a good attitude was always why take something that just might make you ill (or even kill you), for the sake of a few minutes of feeling 'high', or even just keeping up with your peers. 

My hip and back pain is constant now, makes walking difficult and painful and is keeping me awake at night more and more.  I can't take anti-inflammatories, paracetamol does nothing, codeine makes me terribly constipated.  I will be seeing my GP next week, but in the meantime I'm exploring other alternatives.  I buy heat pads and stick one of those on my back sometimes....they do give a bit of relief, but to be really effective for all my pain I'd have to wear at least 4 at once - 1 on each hip and at least 2 on different areas of my back....not really practical and too blooming expensive.  I have a TENS machine, but it's a cheap one and I'm not convinced it works all that well.  I do also use one of those wheat bags you heat up in the microwave, or a bag of frozen peas wrapped up in a towel.  All of these things offer a bit of temporary relief, but they're all dependent on me sitting or lying down (other than the heat pads), I can't use them whilst I'm standing or moving about.

I know a few people who use CBD oil, including one who gave it to their dog, all for different conditions and they all swear by it.  I'm very open-minded, but I do think there's probably an element of the placebo effect about alternative therapies....if you think or really have faith that something will work, then it probably will.  Taking Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea to ward off colds is a case in point - I take them in the winter and swear by them (haven't had a cold for a good couple of years or more), yet others, including some experts, reckon they don't work.  Positive thinking is a great tool.

Having done a lot of research last week, I decided I'd like to try CBD oil - what have I got to lose? (other than money!).  I ordered a bottle last week, from an online company who have an extremely good reputation and 100s of excellent reviews on Trustpilot, it's due to arrive the latter part of this week.  However, following one of the worst nights ever last night, when I hardly slept at all due mainly to horrible pain, I decided to buy a bottle from Holland & Barrett this morning (that's a health food shop for overseas readers).  I've taken my first drop (it's disgusting, but I don't really care about the taste) and will take another when I go to bed, as it's supposed to help with insomnia as well as pain.  I'll report back in a couple of weeks, to say whether or not it's doing anything for me. 

Coincidentally, it's being reported on TV today (it was even on Countryfile last night) that a farm here in Somerset is growing medicinal hemp, although they don't actually have a licence for producing the oil yet (apparently no UK grower does so far), only the seeds and stems for other uses....I didn't catch what, had a couple of family texts that distracted me.

Do any readers have any experience of using CBD oil themselves?  I'd be really interested to know.

Last week I had reminder letters for my 2-yearly eye test at the opticians, and my annual diabetes review.  This morning I've had in the post an appointment letter for my 3-yearly breast examination, and my first-ever over 60s bowel cancer kit.  Seems like every single bit of my body is up for examination right now!


  1. Being constipated can cause a lot of pain you wouldn't think about.If you don't go regularly try prunes. Works like a charm and good for you. I have had unbelievable pain from that ,that lasts for days after as well.

  2. I've never tried CBD oil, but if I thought it would help - I would. It's great getting older isn't it? Everything seems to wear out at once. 6 monthly eye tests for glaucoma, 2 hearing aids and my right knee is giving me a bit of gyp. I'm cancelling my subscription to old age! I hope the CBD oil gives you some relief. Do let us know. xx

  3. I haven't any experience of CBD oil. My Mum tried it and said that it had no effect on her, but I have an uncle and aunt who swear by it, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. When my husband went to see our doctor with shoulder, hip and back pain she said that she could offer him acupuncture there and then on the NHS. He only had one session and it helped him (even though she forgot about him and left him in the treatment room for 45 minutes with the needles in place!). He now goes to see an osteopath. The sessions are expensive, but they have completely transformed his life. The NHS doesn't recognise osteopaths, but perhaps it might be worth asking your GP if your practice offers any 'alternative' treatments such as acupuncture or acupressure?

  4. 18 months ago I had shingles. I still suffer from the post neuropathy. It's not as bad as it used to be though. There was a time where nothing would help the pain. My doctor suggested I try cannabis. I was referred to a clinic and had to answer a bunch of questions and was prescribed cbd and thc. I would take the cbd in the morning and the thc at bedtime. I also took all my prescribed pain meds as well. I took it for about 6 months, stopped because I got a really bad cold around Christmas and didn't want to take all the cold meds in combination with everything else. I'm not sure the cbd/thc helped the pain. I do know that it really helped with my sleep, and I figured it wouldn't hurt me. I have really bad arthritis in my knee and nothing seems to be helping so I thought I would try taking it again. I'll be interested tow it works for you.o know

  5. I had to smile as I turned 60 last year and had the same appointments as you, eeek I thought. They had the cannabis farm on Points West tonight. I have not tried CBD oil but would be interested if it helps your pain as I have arthritis in both knees. I'm glad your hospital appointment did not turn up anything awful.

  6. The nerve pain following my hip operation was so bad that I tried smoking cannabis through a vape machine. I tried it three times and it did absolutely nothing at all for the pain but I felt as though my eyes were out on stalks. Each time I see a garden ornament owl with huge eyes I chuckle because that it exactly how I felt. I would have taken anything for a little relief.

  7. Like you I have a lot of pain in my back and hips and I get really bad aches in my shoulders - I refer to it all as a capital 'I'. I would take Extra Strong Paracetamols every day, even up to the maximum of four lots x two and sometimes I could have done with more. If I wake up with pain so bad that it brings tears with the effort of moving I take Co-codamol, but only one at a time as they are very strong, but they get rid of the pain.

    Because of all that my husband persuaded me to try CBD Oil and he fetched a leaflet from a herbalist in Honiton. The first one I tried was the 'blue' using three drops a day on my tongue three times a day for a week, then increased it to four drops x three times per day the next week and five drops x three times a day the week after. It did seem to have some effect, but then went onto the 'purple' starting again at three drops x three times a day and working up, BUT it was very 'oily' and wasn't as effective as the 'blue'. So I went back to the blue and still had some mild pain. The last time my husband went to get me some more he came back with another 'oily' one which didn't suit me at all. So I came to a decision that I would stick to Extra Strong Paracetamols and Co-codamol (if necessary) as they are relieving the pain just as well as the first lot of CBD Oil I was on. Another deciding factor was that the Cannabis Oil is very expensive for a very small bottle.

    I wish you luck with your choice.

  8. It's well worth a try, I think. If it works, great, if it doesn't it's just money, no other harm done.
    I'm keeping my fingers very firmly crossed that it does work really well.


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