Thursday 14 November 2019


Husband is very uncomfortable and sore this morning, understandably, he's also peeing some blood....the hospital said he might, and he did the last time he had a cystoscopy.  Hopefully it won't last much longer.  He also says he feels like he's had a poker shoved up his bum (which he did have, effectively), so sitting down is a bit uncomfortable for him, he is sitting on a cushion to make it easier.

My guts were terrible yesterday evening and through the night, compounded by the stressful day, no doubt.  Hips and back are so painful I can hardly move without groaning today.  Once my gut issues are identified and sorted, I will have to see the GP about my hips and back - I've not even mentioned them to her thus far.  I know one of the things she'll most likely say is that it will help if I lose some weight.  I'm not stupid, I know my excess weight doesn't help, but I've never found it easy to lose weight and with my now very limited mobility, lack of exercise makes it even harder.  I can't walk 100 yds (metres!) without almost sobbing with pain, I got rid of my exercise bike because it hurt my hips so much to use it, I stopped doing yoga last year because it was becoming increasingly painful and difficult to do the floor poses (and it's a bit embarrassing having to be helped up off the floor by the slim, fit teacher!).

Pain has never really bothered me too much, I can take it - but this is constant now, and increasing in severity, and getting difficult to ignore.  I've had back trouble ever since I slipped a disc playing tennis when I was 19, the pain used to come and go, I'd have a flare up for a week or 2, have a session of chiro or osteo or physio and then would be pain free for several weeks or months.  For the past, oh I don't know, 8 or 10 months I suppose, it's been constant though....I'm sure it's because my hips are so sore that I'm walking or standing funny (not that there's anything laughable about it) and it's throwing my posture out, thus making my back hurt constantly.  I don't relish the thought that I might need a hip replacement op (Cherie's experience was a bit worrying!), but if it helps get rid of this persistent pain then it will be worth it, I guess.

Guts are still churning and sounding like an active volcano this morning (even Betty keeps staring at my stomach) so am not eating breakfast, I know from experience eating will only make it worse.  So I'm just sticking to my Redbush tea with soya milk....I hated that at first, now I really like it, it's amazing what you can get used to if you try.

I've put everything for a lamb stew in the slow cooker, we'll have it tonight and again tomorrow night, will save me cooking dinner when I get back from the hospital and stews always taste even better the next day.  I'm about to make a cauliflower and blue cheese soup for lunch, using a tub of bacon stock from the freezer, husband's making a grain and oat loaf to go with it.  Hope my guts have settled down by then, as no doubt I'll be a bit peckish by lunchtime.


  1. Oh, Sooze, love, it sounds utterly miseravble and I'm hoping so much that they make some progress with diagnosing and medicating. Much love.

  2. Sending big hugs Sooze. I know they won't help with your pain and discomfort but just know that I am thinking of you and hoping that you get some answers soon-x-

  3. Your (and Hubby's) problems have gone on too long. I hope you get some answers tomorrow. Losing weight isn't easy, and if your mobility is limited, it's even harder. If your back/hip pain continues and isn't linked to your gut problems, looks like you'll have to bite the bullet and see the GP! Hope you can enjoy the stew - it's the weather for it! xx

  4. Oh love, you are really having a rotten time of it. Please don't let my experience put you off a hip replacement. It is such a rare thing to have happen and I was just very unlucky. My left hip is giving me a lot of pain just recently but I am hoping it settles down again. I wouldn't hesitate to have it replaced though if it got to the unbearable stage

  5. Your gut pain could be linked with your pain in hips and back.
    Hugs and hope it is sorted soon!

  6. Let's hope that they can get to the bottom of it for you both, it's bad enough having the constant pain but you've also got worries of other people on top of that too and I know that can be draining. Fingers crossed.

  7. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Love and prayers for you both x


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