Sunday 28 November 2021

Bone-achingly tired

 After having the booster jab on Friday morning, I didn't think I had any after effects.  However, yesterday afternoon I suddenly came over so tired, I just had to go to bed.  And I mean actually get undressed and get in bed, with curtains and door shut, I slept for about 1.5 hours.  I got up, ate some of our dinner (thank goodness I'd made the burgers and coleslaw in the morning, I wouldn't have had the energy later on) - couldn't finish dinner as I was simply too tired to eat.  Watched Strictly, then went straight to bed.  Despite being totally shattered, I didn't sleep very well - think I woke up every hour, although I didn't wake up early this morning, it was 7 am, practically unheard of for me.  So I was in bed for 11 hours last night - not including the afternoon nap.  This morning I've done next to nothing and still feel so tired I'm sure if I shut my eyes, I'd go straight to sleep again.  I don't feel ill, just so tired.

Although I'm frequently tired, as a result of never sleeping well, it is unusual for me to be THIS bone-achingly, brain-dead type of tired.  So I'm assuming it is a side effect of the booster.  I'm not complaining though - any after effect is preferable to not having the jabs and getting Covid, in my opinion.

I never used to feel the cold....years of hot flushes and night sweats meant I was almost always hot, never cold.  I've noticed over the past few months though that I feel the cold so much more now, and really hate being outside when it's cold, especially if there's a chilly wind.  I've been having my electric heated pad on my back every time I sit down in the lounge.....ostensibly because it helps my back, but really because I just like to feel warm!  I always have a fleece blanket on my bed, for Betty to lie on.....last night though I had my lovely faux fur blanket on top of the bed, it was so nice to feel warm and snuggly.  Betty was clearly too hot though, she jumped off the bed after an hour or so and went downstairs to sleep in her own bed.


  1. That was how I felt after my first AZ jab. I could have slept on a washing line! I had my booster on Wednesday and my arm is still tender. But, like you say, I'll take any side effect rather than get Covid. If you feel the cold, buy some M&S fleecy pyjamas. I bought some a couple of weeks ago. I wore them in bed for a few nights, and wondered why I couldn't sleep - I was too warm! I now wear them for lounging in the evening and change into ordinary PJ's to go to bed. They are lovely and soft and warm. Maybe, in the depths of winter I'll try again! xx

    1. I do that too. I call the fleecies my lounge wear.

  2. Similar effects here, seems to be the case for quite a few people. Maybe they tweaked it a bit.

  3. I had that very same effect after my booster - nothing for 2 days except an achy arm, then absolute tiredness that needed a proper, go-to-bed sleep. The iredness continued for several days, gradually easing until I was back to normal. But since then, I still have the occasional day when I MUST have a Granny nap.

  4. I had that side effect after both my vaccines and fully expect to have it again with the upcoming one.
    Hopefully it will pass off very soon and in the meanwhile, just rest and, if you can, sleep.

  5. Still no side effects except for going to bed half an hour earlier on Friday. Although it;s too cold for outside exercise so I've been pretty lazy anyway

  6. I had my booster jab this afternoon so it will be interesting to see whether I have any side effects

  7. I don't get mu booster until the second week of December and while I will be glad to have it, I am not looking forward to any side effects. I had some bad ones after the second shot and that was with Moderna. I hope you are better soon.

    God bless.


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