Thursday, 25 November 2021

Caravan planning for next year

 It's a lovely sunshiney day but with a very strong bitterly cold wind.  I've got washing on the line but whether it'll dry remains to be seen....the last few times I've put washing out, it's not dried fully, it's been far too cold.  Which means I've had to finish it off in the tumbler, bit of a nuisance when we're trying not to use too much electricity.  On the subject of which, we've just had our leccy bill for the caravan - we're now £76 in credit, and that will continue roughly the same until March when we go back to the van, as the amount we pay on direct debit is about equal to the amount of the standing charge.  

I've just microwaved some sweet potatoes for the dog, she likes that, I mix it in with her homemade food.  I'm making a veg and cheese tart for our dinner, diced and roasted squash, courgettes and mushrooms, low carb veggies to offset the higher carb wholemeal pastry (it's an open tart, so bottom crust only), we'll have it with green veg, there'll be half the tart left to have for lunch tomorrow.

We've decided we're definitely going to take out the fixed sofa in the caravan next year.  We took off all the sofa cushions and had a good look at the fixtures behind the sofa before we left the van in October, we'll leave most of the wooden structure that's fixed to the walls in place, for stability.  We'll paint it all, but most of it will be hidden by any new furniture anyway.  And yes we do know that whatever furniture we buy has to fit through the caravan doors.....we weren't born yesterday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜.  I belong to a static caravan forum and replacement of fixed caravan furniture is discussed literally every day - thousands of people have done it already in their vans, so it is doable, you just have to be a bit savvy about it and use your common sense.  Coincidentally, our lovely caravan neighbours are also going to do the same thing, so we'll all be able to help each other with the work involved.  95 days to go till we can go back - according to the countdown timer on my laptop 😁.

I've decided I'm going to keep the caravan curtains and just buy thicker linings for them - I was debating whether to buy thicker curtains, but I do like the ones we have, and it seems a shame to change them after I put so much work into shortening them all.

We're thinking of having a gazebo for the caravan garden next year - the garden is a real sun trap and gets very hot indeed when the sun's out - too hot for Betty and I to sit out in full sun, although husband loves it.  For this year we had a big sun umbrella, but a gazebo with removable sides would give a lot more sun protection.  It's fun thinking of caravan stuff for next year, keeps me going.


  1. Sounds like you've got some good plans for the caravan. You made me laugh about the countdown! I interlined our bedroom curtains with old curtains. Makes it warmer and shuts out a lot more light so I don't wake at some ungodly hour in the summer! xx

    1. We've got blackout blinds behind the curtains in our bedrooms at home, very necessary to block out the sun in the summer!

      How are you following your jab? Is hubby in full-on after effects mode? lol xx

    2. Thanks for asking. He's actually only mentioned a sore arm, so that's a first! My injection site is a bit tender too, but I can live with that. xx

  2. Loving the plans - and three months isn't too long really, is it? xx

  3. It'll be here before you know it and just think how much fun it will be. x


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