Thursday, 11 November 2021

Jelly legs, and a surprise offer

 This morning we went to Street (it's a town near Glastonbury), to go to Clarks village, a big discount designer shopping centre, mostly full of the type of posh designer shops we never normally go in.  There are other, more mainstream shops there - M&S, Next, Cotton Traders, card shops, kitchenware shops, a chocolate shop (Cadburys), etc etc.  They're all discount shops, they sell last year's stock, end of lines, surplus stock, stuff like that.  We've got quite a few bargains there in the past, we're not remotely bothered about things being 'SO last year'!!  I particularly like the M&S outlet, it's just as big as a normal M&S but their prices are considerably cheaper.  A few years ago I bought some saucepans and a brilliant kitchen knife in one of the kitchen shops, half the price of stock in a normal shop, they're still in regular use.  It's worth going for a look, although you have to be a bit flexible about what you want and not go with a fixed idea.

We had a walk down the high street first, there was a market on with lots of artisan stalls.....nice things but nothing I wanted.  We then went back into the outlet centre, straight to M&S as that's where I particularly wanted to look....I bought a couple of tops and a fleece jacket.  Wanted some knickers too but they didn't have the ones I like - that's the drawback, you can never rely on getting exactly what you want.  By this time, my legs had turned to jelly and I was having difficulty walking - I'd forgotten my cane again, honestly, I think I need it tied to my wrist!  Although I think subconsciously I don't really want to use it so possibly 'deliberately' forget it!  Anyway, I told husband I needed to go back to the car, as I really felt like I was going to fall over.  So our trip was cut short (saves money anyway lol).

Ever since Monday when I had the osteo, my legs have felt like I said before, I assume it's because Felicity has loosened up all my muscles, but I'm going to mention it to her and see what she says when I go again next week.

Our landlord today sprang a surprise on us - he's offered us another property to move into, if we want.  It's a 4 bedroom chalet style bungalow - 2 bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs, with a bigger kitchen and lounge than ours, another 2 bedrooms but NO bathroom upstairs.  It's detached, in a good sized garden and has a large garage, bigger than ours (which is pretty much useless anyway as the roof leaks like a sieve).  Whilst we don't need 4 bedrooms, the thought of a bedroom and bathroom downstairs is very tempting - I already have trouble getting upstairs (although hopefully not so much when my back and hips improve) and neither of us is getting any younger.  The only drawback is financial, the rent is higher than we currently pay, and the Council tax is considerably more.  We are tempted though, it's a lovely place in an even quieter area than here, and with lovely views over (landlord's) farm.  But I have to say, the thought of packing everything up here and moving, and then having to unpack over there....well it's not a pleasant thought.  We'll go and have a look (landlord said we can as soon as present tenant moves out, in a month or so) and have a good think about it in the meantime.

It's getting dark so early now, I really don't like the winter.  Thank goodness things change as from the 22nd December (is it that date?), still winter I know but at least the days start lengthening by a couple of minutes each week from then on.  And I have all my Spring bulbs to look forward to, both here and at the caravan.  And each day that passes means another day nearer being able to go back to our lovely caravan (109 days....and yes I am counting ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚).


  1. Love Clarks village, its been a few years since I shopped there, like you I love the outlet stores, M&S being my go to store. Our bungalow has a down stairs bedroom and bathroom, which should see us through if we can't manage the stairs. It's good to know whatever the future brings we should not need to move.

  2. If the finances will stretch, and you like the new place, I'd say go for it! If it's not too far away, you might be able to move in gradually over a couple of weeks. I hope the jelly legs are just your muscles getting used to working again, and they'll get stronger as you use them again. xx

  3. Dear Sooze
    Like the above comment - if you can manage it, go for it. Just think you could have a dedicated crafting space. Having everything together, and being able to work on projects as and when.
    And there are always aids like stairlifts if the stairs become a total nightmare. But hopefully your current treatment will make that unnecessary for a long time to come.
    And it almost sounds to me like the landlord wants your current property for some reason.. So I'd really check out the new place for flaws, and even try to negotiate on the price. There is probably some decorating that needs doing delaying the move until well after Christmas. And take your time on the move. Find a company who will do it over several days spaced apart. You have the caravan to stay in if you can delay it until then.
    Lots of suggestions from me, but I am sure you have thought of most of them.
    Hope the 'jelly' sets soon.

  4. I would say go for the bigger place with the bathroom downstairs if you can manage it.

    God bless.

  5. Downstairs bedroom and bathroom sound fantastic and the extra space - wow. Bungalows are not easy to find.

    I hope the jelly legs firm up a bit soon.

  6. You mention that it's in a quieter area than your current home - will it be possible to reach shops, surgery, etc. if ever your husband is unable to drive? Otherwise, it sounds like a lovely place, better suited to your current needs. Think 10years on, though - will it still look like a good idea?

    1. It's only a few hundred yards away from our current home, so facilities (none) are no different to where we are now. Yes, we have considered all that - whether we stay here or move to the new place, if husband becomes unable to drive (or he dies), we/I will have to then consider moving nearer to town.


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