Saturday 27 November 2021

Windy (the weather, not me lol)

 Not much sleep again last night, the howling wind kept all of us, Betty included, awake - she was up and down like a yoyo, jumping off my bed and running downstairs every time there was a noise.  We apparently had 50mph winds, so not as fierce as some areas.  There's no real damage in our garden, pots and small things blown around (hence the noises Betty kept hearing) and some of husband's veg supports blown over, but that's it by the looks of things.  In previous storms we've had tiles blown off the roof of our utility room, 2 or 3 times, but not this time.  Next door's small polytunnel has been trashed, and their giant trampoline was lifting.....they've anchored it down now.  Husband's been out with Betty and said there are lots of small bits of wood blown off trees, and rubbish blown around (it was dustbin day yesterday, a couple of our neighbours are a bit lax with putting out/taking in their bins).  The wind is gradually starting to ease off, thankfully.  

Well, I haven't become a zombie yet (still time though, Sue in Suffolk 😂) following my booster yesterday, although my upper arm does feel a bit like a lump of hot lead.  No other after effects noted.

It's definitely a day for staying home in the warm, I'm going to get on with some crocheting this afternoon, it'll be nice to have a lapful of warm wool!  Making burgers this morning for us to have for dinner - with salad, although I might change that to chips or a jacket spud, as it's the weekend! (we relax our low carb regime a bit at weekends, and it's not really salad weather....well, that's my reasoning lol).

I really need to get on with family and friends Christmas cards, I've done all the 'ordinary' ones, although not written in them yet.  I've designed a couple in my head already, just need to get the ideas down on paper....erm,

I am actually looking forward to starting to decorate my little tree - it's the 1st December on Wednesday, so I've given myself permission to make a start then (it's all your fault, Cherie and Joy!! 😂😂).


  1. No zombie-like side effects here either! Just felt a bit tired yesterday evening and went to bed half-an-hour early - and that was it.
    Less windy here than other parts of the country - so far.

  2. Very windy here last night, and a piece of poly-carbonate from next door's shed roof was in our garden this morning. Apart from one of our bird tables blown over and the watering can blown down the garden, no damage here. My arm is still tender, but the headaches have gone, so I guess they were jab-related. But as side effects go, not too debilitating! xx

  3. It was pouring with rain when I went to bed last night and I fell asleep relaxing to the comforting sound of rain on my window. This morning I awoke at 8.45am to a world of white. The rain had turned to snow which was lying in a thick carpet and the wind had increased dramatically. G had to go to work but I've stayed indoors pottering, washing bedlinen and towels, reading and now blog reading. I hope its a bit better tomorrow because it does my back no favours doing too much sitting. I could do with a good walk.

  4. lol. It's a nice thing to get the blame for, isn't it? :-)


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