Saturday 13 November 2021

Not a good start

 This morning Betty decided to empty her anal glands.....firstly on my bed 😱 - thankfully, I have a thick blanket on the bed for her to sleep on, so it was contained on there, but it still made the whole room stink.  Then, wherever she sat in the lounge - on the floor, or on the sofas (we also have blankets on the sofas - Betty's very good, she knows the blankets on the sofas and bed are for her), she left a horrible stink.  So I have a mound of washing to do this morning, my bed linen is being washed as well as the blankets, the first lot is already in the machine.

For those without a dog.....some dogs empty their glands naturally (hopefully outside!), others need them emptied 'manually' - by the vet or the owner, if you're brave enough and have a strong stomach!!  And it stinks to high heaven, it's much, much worse than poo.  At 8 o'clock we shall be ringing the vets and hopefully taking Betty there pretty much straight away, to make sure she's emptied out, they're very good there and usually try to get us in.  

Also, husband helpfully πŸ˜’ decided to make my Earl Grey this morning - I'd told him yesterday I would do it myself every day.  It's supposed to be left to brew for a few minutes, then stirred gently before removing the teabag, without squeezing.  Well, husband likes strong tea, he doesn't leave it alone to brew but stirs it vigorously, mashing and squeezing the bag, until the liquid is dark brown.  He did the same to my Earl Grey, which tasted revolting as a consequence.  So, as I was a bit frazzled anyway because of the smelly Betty situation, I poured it down the sink and had my normal frothy coffee.

Good start to the day.....not! πŸ˜’


  1. Morning Sooze! I feel your anal gland pain! I had to throw away our memory foam mattress topper because when I’d stripped the bed for making it, Bluebell emptied hers on it. Gag. Retch. The stench!!
    I now give her a weetabix now and again and a lamb bone to help her empty them more often during her normal poo routine!!! It is rank. I’ve also had them emptied on me!! Dogs are revolting hahahaha

    1. They certainly's a good job we love them lol.

  2. I've never had a dog (except when I was a very small child, so none of the nastiness was my problem) so didn't know about anal glands and the emptying of. Sounds gross, especially on your bed. I have had cats. All mine have been spayed, but one time an unneutered tom got in through the cat flap and sprayed its territory in my son's bedroom. The small was awful; permeated the whole house. I had to slowly remove everything from the room to find where it had sprayed. Eventually found it - on my son's TV. At least there it was easy to clean! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. xx

  3. Oh no! I know what it smells like, one of our cats does this occasionally and you're right it is the most horrible smell.
    Have a good weekend

  4. Ooh! I've heard it's not a pleasant smell!! I've not experienced it myself. We have a female cat but occasionally theres a whiff of tom cat wee around the garden, and that's bad enough!

  5. Oh my. I never realized that this was a thing with female dogs. I hope you can get Betty into the vets and make sure the glands are well emptied.

    God bless.

  6. In over 50 years of having dogs as my companion, I've never experienced this.

    Knock wood my good fortune continues.

  7. Oh, dear, it sounds very unpleasant indeed for you all.


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