Wednesday 10 November 2021

Covid booster, and my big toe

 Husband had his covid booster yesterday.  Unbeknown to us beforehand, the vaccination centre where he had his booked jab is also a walk-in centre, anyone eligible can just go there without an appointment.  He rang me (I was sitting in the car) to say I could go and have mine too, if I wanted - but there was a long queue for walk-ins (people with appointments got seen straight away).  I didn't feel up to standing for x amount of time, so declined.  I'll wait for my booked appointment, it's only a couple of weeks away anyhow.

Husband's had no side effects at all, not even a sore arm.....although he did sleep right through last night without waking up at all, he said it was the best night's sleep he's had in ages.  If that's a side effect - bring it on!!

I'm not quite so sore today, other than a few twinges of sharp pain in a rather odd place, right in the middle of my back - I've not had pain there before, it's always been lower down.  I am still extremely stiff though, especially when getting out of bed or up off the sofa.  I went for a shortish walk with husband and dog yesterday, as my osteo advised.  Didn't take my stick (I forgot it) - should have done though as I did start to feel very wobbly on my feet on the way back and had to cling onto husband's arm.  Will try and remember in future.  

We've just been to the supermarket to get some fresh veggies and more cheese.  Since starting to have fewer meat days, we do seem to be getting through a lot of cheese.  The shop was stuffed full of Christmas foods....although why anyone wants to buy mince pies etc this early with dates on them that won't last till Christmas, except if you freeze them, I don't know.  Despite saying I didn't need to buy any meat for ages, having stocked up the freezer, we did buy a large pork loin joint (got the butcher to cut it in half) - it was on special offer, too good an offer to pass up.  I've just had to do a bit of rearranging in the big freezer in order to fit the 2 pork joints in.  I'm counting walking round the supermarket as my walk for today....not feeling too well so I really don't feel like going out again.

Something surprising - I'm getting some feeling coming back into my big toe, along with pins and needles which I guess means that even more feeling is returning.  It's been completely numb for a couple of months now, I'm assuming the numbness starting to wear off is down to the osteopathy.

There's nothing much I need to do today - soup (bought ones) for lunch, dinner is lamb stew out of the freezer, just the washing to get in off the line later, and possibly put in the tumbler for 10 mins to finish it off.  Husband did the hoovering yesterday.  Just got to go out later this afternoon to the chiropodist.  So I think I'll just sit and read today, or maybe do a bit more on my crocheted blanket.


  1. Our walk-in centres are a few miles away, so I booked ours for later this month, just round the corner. If a good night's sleep is the side effect, I'll take that! Great news about the big toe. The osteopathy seems to be working for you. xx

  2. Sooze I buy mince pies often as my husband loves them. He says "mince pies are for life, not just Christmas".

  3. That is good you went for a walk with husband and pup, and that your toe is coming back to life!

  4. We have about a month before we can get our boosters. So looking forward to it.

    Good for you in going for a walk. Walking at least 20 minutes (or is it 25 minutes) helps build bone. At least according to my osteoporosis doctor. I treat it like a prescription.

    God bless

  5. The pins and needles might be a bit annoying (I would find them so) but what a good and encouraging sign.
    I strongly suspect that mince pies bought now won't see the end of November out.


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