Monday, 22 November 2021

A bit of pain but didn't last

 Thank you for all the comments, I know I don't answer them all individually, but I do read and appreciate every single one.  I have a great bunch of readers (beats me why you stay! 😂), you're all lovely, thank you.

This morning, for the first time in several days, I woke up in a bit of pain with the sciatica down the back of my left leg and twinges in my lower back - probably because I was on my feet in the kitchen for a couple of hours yesterday, then sitting in my craft room....the chair is only a spare dining chair with a cushion to support my back, so it's not really comfortable for long periods.  Thankfully, the pain didn't last too long and I've been a bit more careful and 'aware' of my back today.

I've not done too much today, just a bit of kitchen stuff, googling for some information, little bit of shopping for fresh veg, collected our prescriptions.  Oh, and we went to have a look at and test drive a new car....well, new to us.  Our little Fiat MPV, which we've had for less than a year, is a nice enough car, it's comfortable, cheap to run and looks good.  But it's gutless, really struggles going up hills - there's a long, not particularly steep, hill on the way to the caravan and the car struggles so much going up there that I often feel like I need to get out and push.  And the boot is quite small - Betty's travel cage doesn't fit in it which I'm not very happy about, and even with the back seats down we can't get a lot of stuff in the back - even less with Betty in the car.

This car we looked at is still a Fiat but quite a bit bigger - bigger engine, much bigger boot, it will easily fit Betty's cage in.  And with the back seats folded there's tons of room, which will come in very handy with a couple of projects we've got in mind for next year.  It's also quite high up, unlike a normal saloon car, so is easy to get in and out of.  It drives like a dream - well, husband drove it and liked it, and it seemed a very comfortable and easy ride to me, it certainly has a lot more 'oomph' to it.  It's got very strong roof bars fitted, which will also be useful.....husband will need to stand on a stool to put anything on the roof though!  So we've bought it, the garage is taking our present car in part exchange.  The new one is having a service and new MOT and they're delivering it to us next week.

I've got my covid booster jab this week, Friday, I'm glad about that.  I didn't really have any problems with the first two....I think I felt a bit under the weather for a day or 2 after the first, but had no reaction whatsoever to the 2nd, not even a sore arm.  Hopefully, the booster won't give me any problems either.  Husband had his a couple of weeks ago and just felt a bit more tired than usual for the first day or so.  


  1. Sounds like a bigger car would be useful.
    My booster is Friday too - we'll have to compare after effects!

  2. Well, I'm glad the pain was short lived. You'll have to remember to pace yourself! The new car sounds ideal. We've got our boosters on Wednesday. We both just felt very fatigued after the first and nothing after the second, so we're hoping for the best after the booster. Mind you, I'd rather feel a bit ill for a couple of days with the jab, than feel really ill (or worse) with Covid. xx

  3. I think a bigger car would be a good thing. At least you could put Betty's
    travel cage in it.

    I am glad the pain was not with you long.

    God bless.

  4. It sounds like the perfect purchase for you - what a great find.
    I'm glad the back is not so bad at the moment - that's really good. xx

  5. I know you like to keep busy, but now you have to consider how much your back/hips/ legs will take before they complain - painfully. Maybe replace that dining chair and cushion with a proper office chair that will support you better?
    The new car sounds ideal - more oomph, more boot space and being higher off the ground, probably better visibility too? A good decision. x


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