Tuesday, 9 November 2021

For Joy

 Joy, re your comment about my cheats 'tartiflette'.  No, it's not like a Spanish tortilla as it contains no eggs.  I guess a more accurate description of it would be a sort of potato dauphinoise - actually, that probably describes it better than a tartiflette.

A proper tartiflette, which I have made in the past, is sliced potatoes, sometimes with thinly sliced onion or leeks, garlic, bacon lardons, with diced or crumbled cheese and herbs, all mixed together with double cream poured over then baked.  I didn't use bacon in mine as it was a meal for our vegetarian day.

A dauphinoise, which I've also made lots of times before, is sliced potatoes with half and half milk and cream poured over and mixed to ensure all the potatoes get coated.  A melty grated cheese scattered over and then baked.

My quick version, which is more or less a combination of both of the above, uses a cheese sauce partly because I didn't have any cream, and partly because I just like the cheesiness!


  1. They all sound delicious! I might do something tartifelttey/dauphinoisey for tea tonight to go with the slow cooker chicken I’m about to set off before work!

  2. I do like the sound of a tartiflette, whichever way you do it. (Although my spell-check will not believe it is a word!!) It could be made dairy-free very easily and obviously made small enough for one so I might just have to give it a try. Can you believe I have NEVER eaten Potato Dauphinoise!!

  3. Both of those sound wonderful.

    God bless.

  4. Thanks, Sooze. Well, whatever it is called, it sounds amazing and I have it on The List! I think I will prefer cheese sauce too.

  5. Oh yum. Both versions sound tasty.


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