Monday, 8 November 2021

Osteo day

 Got my first osteopathy session this morning and I am SO ready for it, the past couple of days my hip has been a pain (literally).  My back doesn't hurt so much, but it's so stiff, I can barely move first thing in the morning, or when I've been sitting for a while.  And today I've woken up with the sciatica in my left leg really being a problem too, it feels like someone is stabbing me right in the middle of my left bum cheek and then the pain travels down the back of my leg right down to my lower calf.  In a way, I'm glad everything is hurting and stiff, as it makes it easier to explain it all to the osteopathist, Felicity.  I can't forget anything when all of it is hurting to remind me!

I'm anticipating feeling sore, or at least uncomfortable, after my session today - you never know, I might actually feel some relief, but not banking on it, not after just one session.  In anticipation of that, yesterday I got veggies prepped ready for today's dinner, so I won't have to stand in the kitchen doing it all today.  We're having a sort of cheat's tartiflette - thinly sliced potatoes (Charlottes so they don't break up) and leeks in a cheesy herby sauce, no bacon as it's a vegetarian day today.  The potatoes and leeks are ready, part cooked, in a bowl of water, they just need to be drained and mixed with the sauce before being baked.  Will serve it with green veg, husband can do the veg.  Fish day tomorrow, fish pie already made in the freezer for that, then lamb stew also out of the freezer for meat day on Wednesday, so I've got easy ready made meals for the next few days.  Thursday is vegetarian day again, it'll be pasta with some chopped green veggies and pesto sauce.  Friday is fish day, we might go for a fish and chip lunch in a local pub, they've been advertising on our local FB page and the pictures (and rave reviews) look a damn sight more appetising than the disappointing fish meal we had last week (in a chain pub).

Looks as though it'll be a reasonable week weather wise, so should be able to get my washing dried outside.  Still got a bit of the front garden left to tidy up for winter.  I've got a few roses blooming on the arch over our front door, they're smaller and not quite as fragrant as in the summer, but it's lovely to see them in November!  What a strange year it's been for the weather.

Husband's having his covid booster jab tomorrow - as they're now saying eligible people can get their booster after just 5 months instead of 6, mine should hopefully be due very soon.  Then I've got the chiropodist on Wednesday, so will have lovely feet - she always finishes off my feet with a massage using peppermint scented cream, so they smell and feel really nice.

EDIT - I've just been on the NHS covid booking service and booked my booster jab for 26th Nov.  Am happy about that.


  1. I hope the osteopath can work some miracles for you. You're very wise to have food prepped, just in case. Even if you feel OK, it makes for an easy meal! Going to book our booster jabs today. I don't mind how many jabs they need to give me if it means we don't have to go back into lockdown! xx

  2. Hopefully you will get some relief. Always good to get vaccinations out the way, just in case.

  3. Ouch ... I feel your pain, the thought of anyone even touching my back at the moment makes me wince. I hope you feel much better after your appointment. And with your feet being done on Wednesday you are going to feel like a new woman by the end of the week!!

  4. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I hope it's really helped and good news about your booster.
    The tartiflette sounds nice - it is like a Spanish tortilla? Must look it up, thanks.


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