Friday, 26 November 2021

Jabbed, and looking forward to a quiet weekend

 Had my booster jab this morning....all ok, so far no after effects at all.  I'm glad husband and I have both had ours now (he had his a couple of weeks ago), it's reassuring, especially now there's yet another variant appearing.  As the shops are getting busier now, busier still in the next few weeks, I'm keeping away from them - too many people not wearing masks nowadays.  We have full freezers and cupboards, including all the food we want for Christmas, there's nothing we need apart from top ups of fresh veg and dairy every other week or so.  When I do need to go, it'll be early in the morning when it's quieter.

Gusty winds and rain lashing the windows kept waking me up last night, so I'll be going to bed early tonight I expect.  Bit of squally rain and very gusty today (next door's small polytunnel has been trashed), but it's nowhere near as bad as other, more northern parts of the country.  Hope everyone is safe and warm.  Don't need to go anywhere over the weekend, husband will be clearing our present car out ready for exchanging for the new one, I'm going to be rearranging the big freezer (still not got around to doing it yet), cardmaking and possibly doing a bit of baking.

Black Friday purchases - none! (nothing we want or need).

That's it, nothing else interesting to say, sorry!  No dramas, not done anything worthy of mention, nothing happening.....must try harder 😂😂


  1. 8 hours later and still OK here. I discovered they were giving everyone the Moderna vaccine regardless of what they had before. I had pfizer last time.

    1. Yes, I had the same as you, although husband had Pfizer for his booster, AstraZeneca for his 1st and 2nd. I wonder what the difference is, if any.

  2. I signed up for the Moderna booster since that is what I had. I do not agree with mandatory vaxes though. Personal choice. We here in California in my small city have masks required, this changes day by day it seems. I wore mine to a funeral a couple days ago.

  3. My arm is still sore and a bit red from Wednesday, but if it helps keep me safe, I don't mind. I had the Moderna, too, although I had AZ for the first two. I did feel quite headachy yesterday, but not sure if it was the jab or sinusitis, which I get regularly when the weather turns cold. No dramas is good, in my opinion. Dramas usually mean something's wrong! xx

  4. We're good here on South Coast, and due to miss the worse of the weather, a weekend at home crafting here, Sewing machine out and a good book to read.

  5. Glad that you got your booster. We go on the 7th for ours and I am so looking forward to it.

    Hope your weather improves.

    God bless.

  6. Have a lovely, easy weekend. xx

  7. Hope you still feel well today Sooze. I'm going for my booster jab tomorrow and Tony had his on Monday. The blimmin wind has trashed our fence and doesn't seem finished yet.


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