Wednesday 24 November 2021

I'm not that industrious!

 Several of you have commented on how industrious I've been recently.  Well, yes, partly - it's been so long since I was able to do stuff, for a long time (weeks and weeks) I did barely anything, other than the absolutely necessary such as preparing dinner and putting washing on, because I was in so much pain.  Even now, whilst I am able to get so much more done, it's only in the mornings I do it all.....come the afternoon, I'm cream crackered (knackered, or really tired for my overseas readers).  So the afternoons are generally spent relaxing in my recliner chair upstairs, crocheting or reading, or even having a snooze.  And when I've done a lot these past few days, I do feel it the next morning, my back, hips and legs do ache and feel a bit wobbly for a while.  

I'm feeling like that today, so am taking things easy and not intending to do anything much today.  The freezer sort out can wait for another day.

The energy company we're with for both home and caravan, Bulb, has just been put into 'special administration'.  Whilst I'm not worried, as such, as it's been reported (and by Martin Lewis too - I don't like the man but he does know what he's talking about) that supply, accounts, payments etc will continue as normal and any credit balances will be protected, it is a bit concerning, of course.  We currently have a credit balance on our home account of about £100, and around £45 on our caravan account, so I don't want those to disappear - I'm reasonably confident that they won't.  Apparently, everyone's energy bills will go up next April when Ofgem or the Government (I'm not sure which) re-set the price cap.  It must be such a huge worry for people on lower incomes - I'm pretty sure that my Mother was in the 'heat or eat' dilemma years ago when I was a child and she was a single mother of 4.  How my Mum coped all those years (my father buggered off when my youngest sibling was only a year old) I really don't know, but cope she did and we never went hungry.

The carrot and courgette cake didn't rise very much, certainly not as much as a normal cake, but it tastes bloody scrumptious, we had a small piece each with coffee this morning.  It's lovely and moist (due to the carrots and courgettes I guess, it was quite a wet mixture when it went in the oven) and quite sweet tasting, despite me cutting the amount of sugar in half.  I'll certainly make it again - and try to remember to put the walnuts in it next time 😂.


  1. It's so tempting to do too much when you feel fine, then pay for it the next day! I'm planning to re-pot the Christmas tree I bought this morning. It's a blue spruce and only quite small, but the roots have broken through the pot already. Then I'll make some popcorn garlands and suet ball baubles for the birds. No after effects from the booster. Didn't even feel the needle, so fingers crossed! Hubby (aka the hypochondriac) has been reading the side effects on the leaflet, so he'll probably have them all tomorrow!🤣 xx

    1. Your last sentence didn't half make me laugh! xx

  2. We're with Octopus for our energy, they're the best energy firm we've ever been with, both for customer service and value for money. We're on a deal at the moment which lasts until February, but we're all going to keenly feel a rise in prices when the price cap increases next year. No one should have to make a choice between heat or eat in this day and age, isn't that just awful.

  3. I thank my lucky stars that we managed to get a fixed tarrif with British gas. It's gone up a lot since last year but not as much as many other providers.

  4. I hope you don't loose your credits.

    God bless.

  5. I have been tempted over the years to change my provider but never got around to it. I'm very glad I didn't now. Fingers crossed yours will be OK

    I know what you mean about 'industrious'. I think whatever we do, we know we could do more, so translate that into 'a bit lazy' when really it isn't. It's all about balance.


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