Sunday, 14 November 2021

A morning to soothe my soul

 We took Betty to the vet yesterday - not only to check that her anal glands had been emptied completely (they had, just a pity it was mostly on my bed, albeit on a thick blanket), but also to get her checked out, as she had been off her food and a bit off colour for a day or 2.  We also needed a new supply of her flea & tick meds.  The vet said she did have a bit of inflammation around her glands, so he gave her an antibiotic injection.  She slept most of the day and night and seems much happier and back to her usual self today.  She's also got her appetite back.

I haven't been in a good place recently and knew I needed to get out for some fresh air today, near the sea.  So we went to Watchet first, walked up onto the harbour wall and stood looking out to sea, it's one of my favourite places, there are good views on a clear day across the Bristol channel to South Wales.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any photos there, but did a bit later.  After a stroll around the small town and a look in some shop windows, we then got back in the car and drove to Doniford Farm Park, a farm and animal visitor centre on the way home.  It's a nice place, more geared towards tourists now than farming, they have lots of friendly animals - donkeys, goats, alpacas, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs.  Also a play barn (no we didn't go in there!  Lots of children in there having great fun, judging by the shrieks and giggles), some collectibles and gift shops, and a large visitor centre shop with a restaurant and lots of outside tables.  It's free entry, which is unusual for a tourist attraction, although they do have donation boxes around.  Some animal photos:-

Free ranging chickens in the car park

Cute scruffy guinea pigs and bunnies

Donkeys, ponies and alpacas in the distance

Another free ranging chicken (called Monty, so the waitress said), who was hoping to share our cake and coffee

And the views from the seating area at the bottom end of the park, beyond the animal fields.  We stayed here for ages, just watching the sea, as you can see it's been a gorgeous bright sunny morning, with just a slightly chilly breeze.  The absolute best thing for soothing my soul is watching the sea, I just love watching and listening to the waves rolling in gently or crashing onto the rocks.  

We are so lucky to live here in this beautiful county, and such a short distance from the coastline.  Ok, it's not Devon or Cornwall, we don't have the huge golden sands that they do, and the sea generally looks muddy (because it is!) rather than the clear blue of Cornish coastlines, but it's still beautiful.


  1. Although we live only a mile from the sea, we rarely go there. I used to like walking there early in the morning, before it got too crowded and just standing at the tide's edge. Puts all one's problems into perspective. It's been a beautiful day here, too. Long may the sunshine continue! Glad Betty's feeling more like herself, and glad the sea air (and cake!) made you feel better, too. xx

  2. Although we live in the Midlands now, my husband's from Devon and we lived near Woolacombe for a few years - I think we only visited the beach a couple of times!! I'd love to live close to the sea nowadays and I'd definitely make better use of the beaches!!

  3. Gorgeous sea views, I am glad you got out for some lovely air. I am also happy to read that Betty is back to her normal self.

    God bless.

  4. I think you were happiest fixing up your summer home and going there…soon…

  5. I'm so glad you are feeling happier, Betty is recovering and that you had such a lovely time. The photos are great, thanks for sharing.

  6. My Dad returned to Watchet after his two days off to marry my Mum on 9th Sept 1939. One of the first days of leave from the Army in the war. They/we never returned to visit the area.
    Many years ago my dog had the anal glands removed on Vet's recommendation. Glad that Betty is feeling better.

  7. The sound of the of my favorites.


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