Wednesday, 3 November 2021


 Well, yesterday I woke up with hardly any pain - which felt very strange as I've been constantly in pain for months and months.  Still loads of stiffness in my back and hips, but I'll take stiffness over pain any day.  I had a couple of pain twinges now and then, just to let me know not to get complacent, but generally it was a relatively pain-free day.  This morning, though, I've had quite a lot of pain since the early hours, although it is now easing off a bit.  To be fair, this is the first time I've actually taken prescribed pain relief tablets consistently, every day - in the past, I've only taken them when I can't stand the pain any longer.  I'm not a fan of taking pain relief medication every day normally, I'm of the opinion that your body just gets used to the medication and builds up a tolerance to it, so you end up having to take more or a higher dose, just to get the same level of relief.  I'll keep taking the tabs for now, certainly until after I've had a couple of sessions of osteopathy, and then review how I'm getting on.  I really don't want to be taking prescribed medication for an indefinite period.

My lovely GP, Dr Joe, rang me yesterday to see how I was getting on - wow, how often do you get doctors doing that nowadays?!  He said to ring him in a couple of weeks to let him know how the osteopathy is doing.

I've not been idle the past few days, I've been doing one biggish job each day - changing the beds (husband helps with that, no way I could lift a mattress and change a big duvet cover on my own) one day, emptying out pots of summer bedding plants and replanting with Spring bulbs another day.  I did a freezer rearrange and tidy up - the contents, I mean - the freezers are full to bursting, we certainly won't need any meat, frozen veg or really any frozen food for weeks and weeks.  I've been trying to use up homemade ready meals every day, just adding veg to them - freeing up a bit of space in the freezers and meaning I don't have to stand in the kitchen every day making a meal from scratch.  There's still probably a couple of weeks' worth of frozen ready meals - some while back I spent a couple of days doing a load of batch cooking and freezing.  Just as well I did, it's been such a help these past few weeks when I've been in so much pain and not felt like cooking.

I've also drawn loads of Christmas cards, some are a work in progress at the moment, I'll put on pics when I've finished.

It's my birthday this coming Saturday, I told husband I'd like a takeaway, he suggested we go out for a pub lunch instead (I suspect it was at least partly because he didn't want to have to drive to town in the evening to collect a takeaway - there's no Deliveroo/Just Eat type deliveries here, we're far too rural!).  Anyway, it's a nice idea, so we'll be going out for lunch on Friday - my choice, less people (and children!) about then.  Haven't decided where yet, but think I'll choose somewhere like a garden centre, or pub in a nice place with shops, so I can combine it with doing a bit of shop browsing....something I don't get the chance to do very often.


  1. I'm so pleased that your pain is finally easing. Let's hope it continues! What a caring GP, too. Ringing to check on you is lovely. I hope he stays at your surgery! Can't wait to see the cards. I'm trying not to think about Christmas yet. Happy birthday for Saturday. I prefer to go out for lunch, too. There's a lovely little old-fashioned tea room near us, which is our place to go. xx

  2. I love to go out for lunch but only as a treat to keep it feeling extra special. Glad your GP is a good un

  3. That’s good to hear you’re feeling a tad better, and managing to do a little each day. Take it easy tomorrow, or as my mother would say - “don’t do anything daft or dangerous”- that way you should be in fine form to enjoy your special treat.

  4. Hi Sooze are you able to let me know what meds you are taking, maybe I could give them a go. My right hip has decided to join in now and the pain is awful.
    Looking forward to seeing what the osteopath does for you.
    Wow, you are lucky with that Dr. just like the old days.

  5. Your GP sounds lovely and I'm so glad things are easing a bit for you.

    The freezer challenge I am doing (as you know) is making quite a significant difference. You thing a little bit each day isn't helping much but, in face, it soon becomes obvious. Then the difficulty is not refilling, just because there's a few gaps.

    If it wasn't for Christmas spending, I'd be saving money too!

    A garden centre type meal sounds absolutely perfect. Good idea.

  6. Lovely to hear from you and that the pain subsided for a little while. You seem to have it more under control so let's hope the osteo can make it even easier for you.
    Good idea to go out for a meal it will be a nice change for you and hopefully not too taxing. x

  7. How lovely to read that you woke up pain-free; I think medication is very much safer these days and doesn't lead to addiction or needing increased doses. I was a bit concerned that you are turning a mattress even with your husband's help. Don't push your luck and undo all the good work that is helping with the pain.
    Have a lovely birthday and enjoy your day out - a nice meal and window-shopping with maybe one or two birthday treats.

  8. Happy birthday
    Weaver of grass blogger just had one
    I had mine September
    We still don’t go In Places but ate outside on the Gulf
    Florida gorgeous now

  9. Enjoy your meal out! Ha! That’s so funny..our meals out are all about places with no children, too!
    I fell off my horse a year or two ago. Nothing broken, but after a week plus with pain, the doctor gave me Tramadol. I took one. Nothing. When I had two, suddenly it worked. I didn’t even use all I had, but taking them regularly helped. I was fine in a few days. So , yes, take your tablets! I hope it continues to help!

  10. I am so very happy that your pain is easing. Be careful how you move as I found out one day last year.

    Enjoy your meal out.

    God bless.


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