Thursday, 18 November 2021

The haggis cottage pie verdict

 The haggis cottage pie was nice, the carrots, leeks & lentils I added to the haggis mix toned down the strong taste.  Having read the list of ingredients on the pack, which I hadn't done the last time we had it, I almost wished I hadn't - it certainly doesn't sound very appetising at all (does anyone fancy minced sheep's lung?!).  We were given the haggis by lovely neighbours, so I wasn't going to be churlish and refuse it, or waste it, but it's not really something I would be choosing to buy myself and we probably won't have it again - well, after we've eaten the one I froze!  We are never going to be vegetarian, but we do eat a lot less meat now and are much more choosy about the type of meat we buy.

Today it's a veggie day, so for lunch we're having grated cheese & carrot in mayo - husband will have a sandwich, I'm having it on crispbreads (for anyone who likes crispbreads and may not have tried them....the Ryvita black pepper rye ones are scrumptious).  For dinner I'm making a veggie lasagne - I've just roasted a chopped up acorn squash, sprinkled with olive oil and smoked paprika.  I'll mix it with tinned chopped tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and crumbled feta, then layer it up with the lasagne sheets and top with cheese sauce.  We'll have it with a green veg on the side.

Tomorrow, we might get something to eat at the Christmas fair, depending on what (if any) food stalls they've got there.  If not, we'll most likely get a takeaway on the way's fish day so fish or scampi and chips I expect.

So far (touch wood) I haven't had any pain today, just the usual stiffness and wobbly legs.  I've been busy though, only just sat down, so not really had time to notice any pain.  Dried the first load of washing in the tumbler (it was spitting with rain earlier), folded and put that away and then got the next lot out on the line, since the rain has stopped and the sun has come out.  Grated the carrots and cheese for lunch, prepped the lasagne for dinner.  Had a quick glance in the freezers and cupboards, wrote a menu plan for next week and am now about to write a short shopping list for husband tomorrow.  Whilst I'm having my osteo in the morning, he can go do the shopping.

Got a birthday card, and the few remaining Christmas cards (the special ones for friends and family) to do this afternoon.


  1. My hubby does not eat cheese (yes I know), so many meat free dishes are bland when leaving out the cheese, I do love vegetarian lasagne.

  2. We've been veggie for over 40 years, but when we were eating meat I never fancied haggis once I realised it was basically all offal mixed with oats etc. I have seen vegetarian haggis, but still don't fancy it - I think it's the connection with the real thing that puts me off! I've found Aldi's sesame crispbreads are nice. I think they're better than the Ryvita sesame ones (and cheaper too!) Good that the pain seems to be going - I hope I haven't jinxed things by saying that.🤭 xx

  3. Can’t bring myself to eat haggis even though we love kidney and liver.

  4. I will pretty much eat anything and each of your recipes sounds tasty. Are the crispbreads high in carbs?

  5. If you want to reduce/ cut down on the cheese which is very high fat try dark soy sauce over vegetables to add extra flavour.


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