Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Lots of little jobs done

 Woke up with no pain this morning, so that was a good start.  Cold and frosty out, glad I didn't have to go out anywhere.  Husband was out in the garden all morning, he was well wrapped up and doesn't mind the cold when he's busy.  He's been cutting back the very overgrown hedging and clearing out his polytunnel - it's quite a big one and now we don't grow so much, he doesn't make the best use of it, it's become a dumping area - he's such a hoarder and a messy one at that.  Neighbour's father wants the polytunnel, he's got a bigger garden and is a keen gardener, once husband's finished clearing it out, Dave will come over to collect it - hopefully will help dismantling the frame.

I've done lots of little jobs today.  Emptied out my underwear drawers (ooh, a pun 😂) and sorted through them - my knickers and bras must have been breeding, as there seemed to be loads more than I remembered buying!  Even had some new ones that didn't fit or were unsuitable for some reason, I should have taken them back at the time of course, but didn't.  So they've gone in a bag for the charity shop, others that are a bit past it have been binned.  So now I can actually open and close the drawers with ease, rather than having to squash everything down in order to shut the drawers.

Sorted out a big pile of books for the neighbour I exchange books with - she said she's got a bagful for me when she gets round to sorting hers out.....which is good as I'm down to my last 2 unread books.  I give them back to her when I've read them and she passes them on to her mother's care home.  I don't do a great deal of reading now, not like I used to years ago, but I do like to read for an hour in bed before I go to sleep.  If I wake up and get up in the night, I read for a short while then as well.

I rearranged my larder cupboard shelves....things had got moved around or put in the wrong places (not by me!) - I like to have everything in order so I can easily find things, and it's easy to see when I'm getting low on something and need to buy replacements.

The cupboard under the sink where all the cleaning supplies are kept needs clearing out, cleaning and reorganising - that's a job I'll get husband to do though, as I know for a fact (having seen them!) that 8-legged things live in the back of the cupboard.  No way am I pulling everything out of there!

I intended to sort through the big freezer and reorganise that - I normally like to have everything separated - meat in one drawer, fish in another, veg in the big deep drawer, ready meals in another, etc etc.  However, when we did a big freezer restock shop, and since then bought a couple of meat bargains, and with all the ready meals, sausage rolls etc I've made recently, things were tending to get shoved into any available space and now I have trouble finding anything.  I did make a start, but with the freezer being so full up, and it being very cold in the (unheated) utility room, I soon stopped.  I'll have a go again tomorrow, will get husband to get the big oil filled electric radiator out of the garage and plug that in so I'm warm enough.  We actually bought that second hand to go in the caravan, but it's a bit too big and, in any case, the electric fire we bought is brilliant and heats the caravan lounge up very well.

I've also made a healthy cake, found a recipe in one of my books for a carrot and courgette cake, sort of like a passion cake, which uses only a relatively small amount of flour - half self raising flour (I used wholemeal) and half almond flour.  I halved the amount of sugar stated (and I used dark brown sugar for a sweeter, treacly taste) and put a handful of chopped dates and some broken walnuts in it, along with the grated carrot and courgette.  It's in the oven now and smells good, I think we might try having a slice of it for breakfast.....well, it's got fruit, nuts, eggs and veggies in it, so really it's just like having healthy cereal (the fruit, nuts and wholemeal flour), or an omelette with veggies in it (the eggs, carrots & courgettes) isn't it?! 😉😁

Having just cleared up the kitchen and put everything away, I've just found the unopened bag of obviously they haven't gone in the cake, duh!! 😒

Thank you again for comments, Sue and HH, I hope your booster jabs go well and you have no after effects of any consequence (and anyway, I agree, much rather those than not having the jabs and getting Covid!).  Yes we're very pleased about the car and looking forward to it being here next week.  And Rambler, yes you're right, I should get a different chair for my craft room.  Trouble is, both the desk and the room are very small, so it'll have to be a chair that's not too big for the available space, preferably one that fits under the desk as there's not enough room for it to be stuck in the middle of the floor.  I'll have a look online soon and see what I can find.

It being fish day, we're having smoked salmon risotto for dinner.  I'm only going to use half the amount of brown basmati rice I'd normally use, as we're low-carbing at the moment.  Using loads of chopped veggies instead to bulk it out - leek, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms and sweetcorn.


  1. That's great to hear no pain. I bet you never imagined you'd ever get to that! You've been busy again. I've done nothing! We're having our bathroom done (ordered it in May, but they're so busy it has to be done in November!) so I can't do very much. No point in cleaning - everywhere is covered with a fine layer of dust, despite having the room doors closed. I'll have to get busy once they've finished. Your risotto sounds good - but leave the salmon out of my serving please!😁 xx

  2. I need to have a go at the drawer sorting... My bras are all getting squashed in the drawer and it's been on my 'to do' list for ages. That cakes sounds blimmin yummy and not at all naughty..... well maybe just a bit ;-)

  3. I'm so glad things are so much more comfortable for you - great news.
    Well done with clearing out the drawers. It's such a feeling of satisfaction when it's all done, isn't it?

  4. It’s amazing the effect of being pain free can have on our whole way of life plus our outlook on life. Enjoy it! Go slowly tho’ - don’t want to be back at square one again!

  5. I swear , you get more done when you aren't up to par than me on any day. :)

  6. Gemma said exactly what I was going to say - you put me to shame. Although, coincidentally I emptied and sorted my chest of drawers yesterday - more 'stuff' to add to the rubbish bag and a few more items for the charity shop. My son will be here for the next 2 weeks and we intend doing several 'getting rid' trips to the charity shop and to the tip - thank goodness. Now I'm unable to continue driving, these things build up. I oughtbto have a permanent skip in the drive!!

  7. Carrots and sweet corn are not low carb...check a Keto food list...

    1. I know, I'm very aware of carbs in fruit and veg. It's not like we're having loads, and we are cutting down majorly on simple carbs.


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