Wednesday 6 April 2022


 We've been having a lovely catch up with our van neighbours C & J, we're so lucky, we couldn't have chosen better neighbours, they're such a lovely couple.  One of the other van owners, an elderly lady on her own (well, with a labrador) has had a bit of a disaster - it was her first time back here last weekend and she discovered her van had had a really bad roof leak which has caused extensive water damage inside her van....the walls, floor, fitted cupboards and lounge seating are saturated.  Fortunately, she has family members who also have vans here and they were helping her out, taking out the ruined fittings and making (I assume temporary) repairs to the roof.  They've since all gone back home so we don't know what else will happen, or whether her van is even repairable, or if she has insurance (we're all supposed to have insurance, we've got it).  Her van is newer than ours, considering just how old ours is, we really are lucky that it appears (touch wood) to be in such remarkably good structural condition and we've had (as yet!) no real problems with it.  I don't expect that to last forever though, but we will have had our money's worth hopefully by the time we do have problems.

The weather is a bit of a nuisance, it's so blimmin changeable - one minute it's chucking it down with a freezing cold wind, the next it's sunny for 10 minutes.  Obviously, I would rather it stayed sunny, but it would be good if it just stayed in one weather mode for a good while, so that if I nip out to have a chat with someone or take the rubbish over to the recycling point in the sunshine, I don't suddenly get wet when the weather decides to change in the blink of an eye!

Had a rude awakening early this morning.  Husband had made a wood framed net cover for the ceiling vent in the kitchen, which he stuck on using (tiny!) pieces of double sided tape......I voiced my doubts that it would stay up, he assured me it would be alright.  Well, of course it wasn't - it fell off the ceiling with an almighty great clatter in the early hours, before it got light, giving both me and Betty a heart attack, Betty leapt off my bed and I followed her.  Husband didn't even stir (probably felt it safest to stay in bed and pretend to be asleep) 😡

And a little bit of good news....had an email to say we've won another £25 on our premium bonds.  Every little helps.


  1. You could do without that sort of rude awakening - I hope once you and Betty recovered from your heart attacks you made sure Husband was also awake (well, it would have been rude not to!) 🤣

    For Plan B, have you considered the Velcro picture hanging strips from 3M (Command Hooks range). The adhesive on them is very good and the velcro should hold the net cover.

  2. Yikes, could have been scarier if someone was near when it fell. We have a rotation to check in the older of the family cabins. No one uses it much Oct on because it's unheated and water turned off. Easily something could happen to cause damage. Sorry for your neighbor.

  3. What a shame for your van neighbour. I hope her insurance covers the damage. Good news about the premium bond win. As you say, every little helps. The weather is supposed to be improving towards the end of next week. I do hope so, I'm freezing! xx


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