Saturday, 23 April 2022

Filling up the oven

 I had a baking day yesterday.  I made 2 very large pasties, using minced beef, diced carrots, potato and onion, and crumbled Stilton.  Each pasty is 4 servings, so we had half of one for dinner last night with roasted veg, the other half we'll have for lunch today with salad.  The second one was frozen.

I try to only have the main oven on now when I can fill it up, to save on electric.  So as well as the pasties yesterday, I also made a banana and walnut loaf cake (using up 2 brown bananas), and did a large tray of roasted root veggies - carrots, swede and parsnips.  We had a third of the tray last night with the pasty, the rest of the roasted veg has been frozen.  There were a few carrots and half a swede left (I couldn't fit all the veg into the tray for roasting) so I boiled and mashed them together and then froze that too, to have with sausages or pork chops next week.

So the good things for yesterday were all that baking, and husband has planted potatoes and sown beetroot and carrot seeds, he's going to sow a row of carrots and beetroot every couple of weeks.  We have tomato, leeks and courgette plants currently in the utility room, waiting to go outside when the danger of frost has passed.  He's also going to sow salad leaves and radishes next week, he'll do successional sowings of those, and we'll be sowing pots of them at the caravan too.  

Oh, and the new telly arrived yesterday, along with the books I'd ordered, so sanity restored!


  1. What a busy and productive day all round! Glad sanity has been restored, hubby can doze in front of the new TV, while you read your books. Bliss! xx

  2. Sounds as though you enjoyed your baking session and hubby has done loads of planting, a good day all round, I'm pleased for you! I'm getting stressed out over a new kitchen being fitted, as you do if you're a worrier.

  3. That's good planning for when the weather gets warmer as well and not wanting to heat up your house too often.

  4. That's a sensible idea. I seldom use the main oven these days. I use my mini oven for virtually everything and steam several varieties of veg in a colander kind of pan on top of the potatoes or rice that I happen to be cooking. All these little cutback make for decent savings don't they.

  5. You were very busy, good work on filling that oven.

    God bless.

  6. I'm trying to use my oven less too - it seems silly ro heat such a big space for one little thing. I do still warm my plate but that's a low heat for a short time.

    Your creations sound delicious. xx


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