Sunday 17 April 2022

Going home

 The stress isn't melting away like it normally does when we're here at the van - in fact it seems to be adding to it.  It's quite busy here for a start, certainly far busier than any time last year (although we weren't here last Easter, to be fair, we only bought the van at the beginning of June) - lots of the statics are occupied and there are several motorhomes and touring caravans, and quite a few children.  Not that I've got anything against kids, I haven't, but they are noisy when they're all out in the sun playing.

We were going to do a couple of small jobs whilst here, only we can't get them done as husband has forgotten to bring the appropriate tools.  An electric drill for a start - now I know for a fact he's got at least 4 drills at home, you'd think it would be common sense for him to leave one here at the van!  And the grass around the van needs cutting - he's got a lawnmower here but has forgotten the extension lead (just buy another one FFS!).

We'd brought a plant pot with us, a long trough type one, which I wanted to sow salad leaves and radishes in - husband somehow or other broke it as he was getting it out of the car.  And the 2 vent covers he'd made to stick on the ceiling with double-sided tape (one of them fell off the ceiling in the early hours of the morning last time we were here, scaring me and Betty to death) again fell off, both of them, within an hour or so of putting them up.  At least it was during the day this time.  So now he's got to rethink how to attach them to the ceiling.  I'd suggested Command strips or velcro, both of which he vetoed, insisting that his double sided tape would do the job.  Well, that's been proved wrong.  I have some framed pictures (my artwork) which I stuck on the walls of my bedroom using Command strips way back last year, and they're still up, having not fallen off at all.  But what do I know, I'm only a mere woman.

Another new problem with the car - driver's door now won't open with the key fob, although the passenger side will.  Husband is waiting for the mechanic to come up with a price for yet another part he thinks may be causing the warning light problems.  I neither know nor care what to believe anymore.

And just to top it all off, Betty bit one of our van neighbours yesterday - not badly, just a quick nip of her fingers, although it did break the skin of one finger and draw a little drop of blood.  The silly woman came into our garden and appeared in our open doorway and called out (she was after borrowing a spanner) - we were all in the van at the time, I was reading, husband had the bloody TV on as usual (although was probably asleep) and Betty was snoozing on the floor.  When the woman suddenly appeared in the doorway, Betty jumped up and flew at her, nipping her finger - guarding her territory and us, I guess.  The woman immediately backed off and went outside the gate, she was fine about it and said it was her fault as she'd startled Betty and invaded her personal space.  She's got 2 dogs of her own, who both bark like mad if anyone goes past their van, you'd think she'd have known better than to simply appear in our doorway knowing we have a dog.  She said not to worry, but of course it did worry me, especially since the woman talks nineteen to the dozen and knows absolutely everybody on site.  I just hope she doesn't go around telling everyone our dog bit her.  Because our dog is quite imposing looking (she's very chunky and muscly) and has quite a loud bark, some people already think she's a terror, although the reality is she's a big waggly-tailed softy.

I think we'll go home tomorrow morning, or possibly even this afternoon, I just feel I'd rather be at home right now, it's feeling a bit claustrophobic here, and too many people around.

I know it's all to do with the depression, but I'm feeling more and more that people, even ones who know me very well, just do not understand.  And I'm sick of trying to explain.


  1. Oh, Sooze, what was supposed to be a relaxing break has turned into a headache! No wonder you feel more stressed. Depression isn't easy to explain to others. You can't just "pull yourself together", and it's not just feeling a bit down, is it? I hope you can find some relaxation at home, and the car gets sorted without too much hassle/expense. Darling Betty protecting you both from intruders! xx

  2. Stay at home high days and holidays, is our mantra. Especially when the weather is fine. I have nothing against kids - I had 2 of my own - but en masse, playing and the rest of it - no thanks. Why would you suddenly "appear" on someone else's property particularly if they have a dog, unannounced? I would be calling from the boundary before I got anywhere near! So many human behaviours I just don't get. Our neighbour has chosen a sunny Easter Sunday to do some loud DIY with drill and hammer. Why would you do that?! Hope car gets sorted. A pain in the proverbial.

  3. Hugs I am so sorry you had a bad time down there. I understand. I have walked down this road many times. More hugs.

  4. Oh what a shame your trip hasn't turned out well at all. Trouble does seem to come all at once, doesn't it Sooze. Perhaps try again after the Easter holidays. We never took our caravan anywhere when the kids were not at school as the noise wasn't conducive to a restful break.
    I do hope things sort themselves out soon to let you get back on an even keel x

  5. I get it, amplified stress when it's brought into what is supposed to be your respite space.

  6. It would not even cross my mind to just appear at the door of someone who owned a dog. Common sense would tell me to call out first. I'm sorry to hear that your restful weekend is turning into a bit of a nightmare Sooze. Wait till the kids go back to school and try again.

  7. I am at the stage of life, where I covet quiet times. Less people, less everything.
    Hope you get to feeling better, and are able to enjoy your caravan days without lots of noise.


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