Friday, 1 April 2022

First world problems

 Well, one thing went right yesterday!  As it was so cold and we were both feeling downhearted, I decided to make comfort food for dinner - toad in the hole.  You know what, it was blimmin gorgeous - the batter rose beautifully, it was crunchy at the edges and pillow soft in the middle and tasted lovely, as did the sausages - plain pork which I wrapped in streaky bacon.  Husband said it was the best batter I'd ever made - I have no idea why it went so well, I did everything the same as normal.  Perhaps the oven felt sorry for me 😂

Husband's ringing the GP again today, he has a terribly painful neck which he's already been given pills for, but they're not doing anything for the pain, if anything it's getting worse.  GP said he thinks it's arthritis combined with muscle or nerve pain and should wear off....well it hasn't.  Husband also has a permanent headache, I guess partly due to the muscle pain in his neck and holding his head in a fixed position (he's unable to turn his head without pain) and partly due to tension about the car, I expect.  It's unusual for him, he rarely, if ever, gets headaches.

I was awake ridiculously early again this morning  (the car situation is affecting both of us) but instead of getting up a couple of hours before dawn, I lay in bed reading until 6 am when it was getting light.  It's nice to hear the birds singing early in the mornings.  We haven't had snow (I'd have been surprised if we did) but it's certainly got really cold again.

There is a glimmer of light about the car problems.....we'd noticed that the warning lights come on with a particular manoeuvre, husband discussed it with the mechanic who said that's good to know and gives him something to work on, he's come up with a new idea.  We're still probably going to get rid of the car though (somehow!!), enough is enough, we don't want to be constantly worrying about warning lights and throwing money at it.  The car's fulfilled the purpose that we bought it for, ferrying furniture old and new to and from the caravan, so at least it's done the job required.

We're both really fed up, the car problems have just worn us both down so much, and getting another car is simply not easy - certainly not with the amount we can afford to pay.  We just don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire, but unfortunately there are no guarantees that any second hand car will not be problem free.  And, quite frankly, looking for cars online and even going to see them for a good look and a test drive, absolutely bores the pants off me, as I have no interest in cars whatsoever - it's just a vehicle to transport us from A to B as far as I'm concerned.  I'd happily leave all of it up to husband, but the fact is he needs my help and input too, so that's not an option.

I think we both need a day off going out somewhere for a nice day out (with Betty of course), totally forgetting about the car problems.  I'm not keen on going out in freezing cold weather though, and there's fuel cost to consider, and the car behaving itself too of course.....with the warning lights flashing on and beeping all the time, it's not easy to forget about it!

I know it's all first world problems and we're bloody lucky to have a car, house and holiday home, plenty of food, etc.  But sometimes I'd give anything for an easy problem and pain free life for a while.  We both feel like we're sinking at the moment.


  1. Sending you all a big hug, Sooze. Sometimes, things can just feel like they're never going to end, but they will. Hopefully, your hubby will get some joy from the GP (maybe physio?) and the mechanic can fix the car problem. I'm keeping everything crossed for you!🤞 xx

  2. Chiro/oesteopathy treatment?We often get really bad necks that work their way into the back. Usually feel much better afterwards. Not cheap but worth every penny.

  3. Constant pain is debilitating and can quickly wear your mood down. Add to that the car related stress and all the cost of living rises. No wonder you feel like a nice day away from it all. Do you have anywhere nice within a short drive away? We were surprised at just how much we have in our local area within a fifteen or twenty minute drive away.

  4. Poor old you Sooze. I know how you are feeling, I really have to work hard to keep positive. Tom is progressively getting worse and is almost at the stage where he will not be able to get out any more. I love to go out for coffee and it's not the same sitting on your own.
    If the GP was giving face to face your husband might have a chance of sorting his neck out, this phone malarkey just isn't right is it?
    I like the sound of that batter, mine is always hit and miss.
    Try to keep positive Sooze, the better weather is coming and the car will get sorted.

  5. Oh Sooze life has a way of piling on the crap when we really don't want or need it. I hope you both get some pain relief and the car sorted. X

  6. I know how you feel Sooze, I have a chronic urinary problem so pee a lot and a lots of days I shout, its not fair when I'm trotting to the loo for the umpteenth time!

  7. Since when does arthritis wear off???? Sometimes these Doctors just want to make you spit!

    Hope mechanic can sort the car problem and you can have an enjoyable and relaxing day by your favourite beach soon. Hopefully weather is due to improve soon. xx

  8. I know when a person is in constant pain they can get terrible headaches. My doctor said they are caused by the stress of the pain. Hope your Hubby gets relief very soon.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the car problems are sorted out soon.

    God bless.


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