Wednesday 27 April 2022

Getting rid of stresses

 Husband was still moaning constantly about his big toe hurting.  I lost my rag yesterday and told him if he doesn't ring the GP and get an appointment about it ASAP, then I will ring the doctors myself and book an appointment for him, because I'd just about had enough of listening to him moaning, yet not doing anything about it.  He rang at 8 this morning, and got an appointment for 9.  The GP says there are 3 possible things going on with his toe - 1) Yes it may well be broken.  2)  Possible infection under the nail which may need lancing and draining, or even the nail removing.  3)  The nail is very ingrown.

You may remember me saying he dropped something on his toe about a month ago (it was a small chest of drawers he was moving), he's done nothing but complain about it ever since, the nail is black (although it looks to me like the discolouration is under the nail, rather than the nail itself being discoloured).  He's going for an x-ray this afternoon, managed to get a cancellation appointment for 4 pm.  He also has to take some nail clippings and take them back to the surgery so they can be tested for a fungal infection (don't know why the GP couldn't have done that himself).  The GP is referring him to the podiatrist for the ingrown toenail.  I've been telling husband for literally months that the nail is ingrown and he needs to get it seen to!

Yesterday I walked round the back (veg and fruit) garden with husband and we discussed plans for where the various veg plants should go.  Now, each year I make a planting plan for him, trying to take crop rotation into account.....each year he either forgets to look at the plan, or disregards it for his own reasons - he's very much a 'oh look there's a space there, I'll stick this plant in there' kind of guy.  In other words, he's totally disorganised.  I pointed out one of the raised beds that will be ideal for our courgette plants to go in, he agreed.  This morning when looking out of the window whilst I was washing up, I noticed he's now put some strawberry plants in there that he'd moved from somewhere else (why he moved them, I have no idea).  So I've told him I'm giving up making planting plans for him, he can carry on in his own random disorganised way and do whatever the hell he likes.  I'll just concentrate on my flowers in my front garden.

In order to cut down on my stress, I'm now just letting go of the stressful stuff, like the back garden plans.  We've been invited to a family summer wedding reception up in the Midlands, most of husband's family will be there.  But it's so stressful nowadays trying to arrange trips up there, seeing as husband finds the driving tiring and difficult, finding accommodation that will take Betty is difficult, Betty is anxious about being in a different place, and I find it all hugely stressful having to try and arrange literally everything.  So we're not going, it's just not worth the stress for one evening, which in itself will be stressful as there will be so many people there (husband has a huge family).

I've gone through my FB 'friends' list (family and friends, I don't have loads on there, only those who I actually genuinely know) and unfriended a few who post nothing but drama (including family), and unfollowed others....ones I've kept as 'friends' but have opted out of receiving any of their updates, unless I choose to look at them.  I almost never post anything on there, but keep it as it's a way of keeping up with what friends and family in distant areas are doing....well now I'll only get updates from the non-dramatic ones.  If it wasn't for these distant F&Fs, I'd ditch FB altogether, it's far too full of adverts for my liking.


  1. Good for you getting rid of some of the things that stress you. I know not all stresses are so easy to get rid of, but every little helps! I hope your husband's toe gets sorted. Why do men have to take forever to get medical problems looked at? My hubby expects me to know if his ache/pain/lump etc is something to worry about, rather than get it checked by the GP. And b-r-e-a-t-h-e! xx

  2. Sounds sensible. Unfollowing drama is a good step. Your flowers sound lovely and a nice place to focus.

  3. I gave up doing the garden when my late MIL visited my OH. While I was at work she moved all my newly planted bulbs and plants in the front garden to where she thought was more suitable. OH does the garden and I occasionally choose some of the flowers.
    I'm very careful on FB and only have people I actually know. Use it mainly to keep up with family and friends and to help people. I regularly share traffic jams, missing people, stolen or lost pets, product recalls etc. Don't add anyone I don't know as 3 of my friends have been hacked into their emails via FBook.


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