Wednesday, 20 April 2022

A day in the life

 This is an example of daily life with my darling husband, who does my head in every day (bless him!!).  This is what's gone on today.

He needed to make a phone call this morning, but couldn't work out how to get the numbers up on his mobile phone.....he'd gone into pretty much every setting but the right one.  I had to show him how to do it, despite having shown him numerous times before - I'm certainly not tech savvy, but he makes me look like an IT technician!  He's only got a pretty basic mobile, yet is always saying he wants a smart one - erm I don't think so, he can't even work the simple one he's got.  His phone bleeped with a couple of texts, and both times he asked "Is that my phone or yours?" - despite my phone sounds being totally different from his, he never recognises his own phone texts or rings!

We needed to replace the blind on the landing window.  Now, this window is in the most ridiculous position, high up above the stairs, whoever the architect was should have been shot.  It cannot be reached except by balancing a couple of step ladders on the stairs, with a board spread between them.  This in itself is a major worry, as husband is the clumsiest person on the planet, known for being accident-prone.  However, needs must so he got the step ladders and board in place.....I told him that before he did that, he should make sure he had all the necessary tools, blind, etc, up on the landing - I asked him twice if he had, he assured me he did.  I said I didn't want to be up and down the stairs constantly getting things for him, when my job was to stand and hold the bottom step ladder and watch where he was putting his feet, so he didn't fall off.  Well of course he hadn't got all the right tools (or indeed the new blind!) - 3 times I had to go and collect the things he didn't have.  Then he broke a piece off the old blind, which hit my arm as it fell.  He then dropped a drill bit, which hit my finger so hard that I yelped in pain.  As things come in threes, I decided I was leaving him to it before he dropped something heavy and killed me.  Besides which, I had the lunchtime dishes to wash up, tomorrow's washing to put in the machine and dinner to prep (Hunters Chicken, if anyone's interested).

5 minutes after I came downstairs and went into the kitchen, there was a load of banging noises as he dropped something else which bounced heavily down the stairs and threw itself under the hall sideboard - no idea what it was, I didn't ask, I just thought thank goodness I wasn't still standing there.

What should have been a relatively straightforward job, simply swapping one blind for another, turned out to be anything but and took 3 times as long as it should have.  He's put the ladders away and SOME of his tools.....other bits and pieces are scattered around the house.  I've had to take an extra anxiety tablet.


  1. Take heart, Sooze, it's not just your husband. Mine will go at something like a bull at a gate, even when I say to go easy and take it gently. I think you can guess what happens next! Bless 'em, we love them despite their ineptitude. xx

  2. As they get older it does seem to get worse...I really think a lot of it is aging in some cases.
    Check his medications to make sure there aren't any side effects that could be causing it more often. All of us should do that in cases of new pain or thinking problems or anything.
    Dehydration in older folks is also a problem that causes all kinds of symptoms. Take care...both of you . Enjoy that caravan and don't sweat the small stuff. Betty should be your salvation. A good ear rub and moan makes us feel better.

  3. I think I would have been downstairs checking over the life insurance policies before I started washing the pots!!

    Every time Alan's phone rings are we are out together he asks 'Is that your phone?' and like you we have TOTALLY different ring tones. Mine is a mobile phone ring and his sounds like he has an old fashioned desk phone in his pocket so he usually gets a snappy 'NO, IT IS NOT!!'

  4. Sometimes you just have to laugh or you would end up crying. Men, bless them.

    God bless.

  5. I am sorry but your comment about going downstairs made me chuckle…forgive me as I know this is not funny…you just have an amazing with words…it is like reading a book or a column…I do write a weekly column and have since 1999…I taught secondary and university from 1992-2013 and then subbed until 2018…now tutor…you would have made a great student…

  6. I've got one of those, my son's think it's hilarious but they don't have to live with it ! If things aren't put away after the umpteenth time of asking ,I have been known to put them in his bed, it's no fun when you slide in and find a screwdriver, spanner ,extension lead or any manner of things at the bottom of your bed , a women can only take so much :(


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