Sunday 24 April 2022

Time out

 Things have been incredibly stressful lately, so we're going to the caravan today.  Just for the day - we'll do a couple of jobs that should have been done the last time we were there, but couldn't (mainly to do with husband).  A bit of time out at our relaxing place should help, the jobs won't take long to do and then we can relax for a couple of hours.

This is one of the reasons why I wanted a holiday place not far from our home - the main reason being husband can't drive long distances anymore without getting extremely tired and stressed, as a result of his heart failure and advancing age.  The other reason being we can just up and go at the drop of a hat, as it only takes 40 mins to get there....35 with very little traffic at the weekend.  Although the caravan is here in Somerset, it feels like a completely different environment to home.

All the holidaymakers and children will have gone home, so I imagine there'll just be a handful of other owners (childless ones!) there.

This week we'll try and pin landlord down to give us a date for the replacement windows and roof works to be done - anything to do with the landlord and work on our house is a bit of a nightmare to arrange, he prevaricates and blusters and puts things off.

My roses here in the front garden have put on masses of new growth and have lots of small buds on, so they'll soon be flowering, something to look forward to - they're all lovely strong scented ones and one, a birthday present from my best friend, has the most gorgeous double large deep pink flowers.


  1. Enjoy your little break. Let all the stresses float away! The gardens are bursting into life. I love this time of year, everything looks so clean and fresh. I hope you can pin the landlord down, then at least you can make some plans (to be out of the way perhaps?) xx

  2. I hope you have (have had?) a lovely relaxing day.

    Do you drive? Is there a Plan B if husband is unable to continue driving for any reason?

  3. Enjoy your day at your summer home. Hope it is more quiet. Camping seems to be a family thing at breaks, so maybe.

  4. I hope you have a lovely day. The coming roses sound beautiful. I know I am looking forward to flowering trees and lilacs.

  5. Your vacation ritzy thing you... :)

  6. I do envy you. To have a little rest and relax bolt hole so close to home is just fantastic. it's close enough to just go for a weekend or even just the one night, if you so wish. Have a lovely time and enjoy this gorgeous weather. xx


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