Saturday, 2 April 2022

Back to square one

 I can't fault our GP surgery, they're now back to doing face to face appointments, we can choose whether we want a face to face or a phone appointment.  So husband saw the GP yesterday (a different one) who said it's almost certainly a muscular problem, she's given him different tablets to take as well as the ones he's already got, she said it's ok to take both together.  He takes numerous tablets as it is for all his heart and prostate/bladder problems, the joys of getting old.

Still no xray results for me though, that's over 3 weeks now.  But that's not the fault of the surgery.  One of you mentioned physio for husband - there's such a huge waiting list here it would be months before he got an appointment - and they're doing the appointments over the phone!  How the hell can you be properly assessed and then do physio over the phone?  I think husband would benefit from seeing my osteopath, but he's reluctant to go right now, he says he'd rather save his money for the car.  I think he ought to consider going to Felicity, but it's his decision.

The friendly mechanic asked us to check whether the reversing lights flicker when reversing, as he thought they may be shorting somewhere, causing the warning lights.....well they don't, so that's not the problem.  Back to square one then.

I asked husband if we could have a day off of anything to do with the car, or any new car, as I'm absolutely fed up to the back teeth with it all, and he's driving himself crazy trying to locate another car and work out the best thing to do.  So that's what we did, car stuff banned for yesterday.

It's no wonder we've both got thumping heads, as well as our normal everyday aches and for sleep, what's that?

We're not going back to the caravan just yet, we need to get the bloody car situation sorted first.  In any case, husband can't turn his head very much at the moment, so he's not really safe to drive, certainly not any great distance.


  1. Oh, it's all so annoying for you. I hope the GP is right, that's it's muscular. At least then, it'll right itself in time! 3 weeks and still no x-ray results, that's terrible. It's frustrating for you, as there's nothing you can do but wait. As for cars, well, I'm with you, Sooze. They're just a tin box with a wheel at each corner to me! I wouldn't know one from another. Still, I hope you can get it sorted or swapped soon. Another pain in the proverbial you can do without! xx

  2. Sign of the times - it used to be so very easy to source a second hand car, didn't it?
    Are there any other problems with it apart from the warning light coming on unnecessarily? Would it be something you could just ignore?

    I'm not surprised you are fed up with it - what a nuisance it all is.

    And I do hope you get some medical help soon.

    1. The problem is, Joy, that our friendly mechanic says that whatever the reason for the warning lights, be it coming on unnecessarily or an actual problem (which he cannot trace at the moment), the very fact that the 'check engine' light comes on is an automatic MOT failure.

    2. Ah - never thought of that. Drat!

  3. Blimmin cars are such a nuisance when they start going wrong aren't they.

  4. I am so sorry to read about the continuing vehicle problems.

    It is not just the actual vehicle breakdowns but the mental pounding that these sort of troubles cause. MY OH would just glibly say "oh, think about something else' but it is not that easy. If you are anything like me then the constant worry is a brain worm that will not switch off and go away, and that is exhausting and draining. xx

  5. Have you considered any kind of rechargeable hand held massager for his neck? The one I have has various shaped attachments that can be used for various body aches etc. Even my husband has agreed that it has helped him with a tight muscle in his neck and I have trouble with my neck and shoulders all of the time, generally caused from tension. They're not extremely expensive and I purchased mine based on the many good reviews and haven't been disappointed. I ordered it through Amazon. Ranee (MN) USA

  6. So sorry that things are still not working right on the car, and that you can't make the trip to the caravan for a respite. Hopefully the second set of tablets work for your husband.

    God bless.

  7. Iv the same problem and the hotwater bottle works wonders


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