Friday, 15 April 2022


 A crap night again, for both of us.  Even husband is admitting to feeling stressed (something he rarely does).  We're going to the caravan as soon as we're ready, which will be around 9 ish I think.  I will take the laptop, but probably won't be online much.  We intend to do a bit of gardening - some weeding, sorting out a few pots, and sowing some seeds of salad leaves and radishes, I've got a pile of books as usual, and husband has loads of DVDs he bought in a charity shop the other day.

There'll be lots more van neighbours there to catch up with, and tomorrow there's an artisan market in the local village, with a couple of stalls I particularly want to visit - an artisan baker, local charcuterie and local cheeses.  Hopefully there'll be a plant stall too.  We'll be spending lots of time in the garden and chatting to friends.  Not sure when we're coming back, no firm plans as yet, nothing in the calendar for next week, although apparently a surveyor will be coming to look at the windows prior to replacement, which I expect he can do from the outside, he won't need us to be there.

We really need a break, I'm feeling absolutely decimated by stress, I'm running on empty, it's been a very long time since I've felt this low.  And it's most unusual for husband to feel so stressed, the car stuff, which is ongoing and we can't see an end to it as yet, has really got to him.  He's also now admitted to having severe problems with his big toe - he dropped something on it a couple of weeks ago and has been in pain with it ever since, the nail has turned black and he said yesterday evening he thought the toe might be broken!  Honestly, why men can't just go to the bloody doctor I don't know.  The doctors are now closed for the Easter break, and he says he doesn't want to go to A&E.  Well, he'll just have to continue putting up with it then, silly man.

Thank you for all the incontinence comments, I had a strong feeling that lots of you would also have experience of this - after all, we're mostly all women of a certain age!  I've coped with it for 2 or 3 years, it does get me down a bit sometimes though.


  1. Have a wonderful, relaxing time at the caravan. Let all the stress disappear! I remember, many years ago, my son broke a toe, and the doctor said they don't do anything for that, just to wear proper shoes (not trainers) to support the toe while it healed, and paracetamol if it was painful. Hope that helps. Enjoy the time away, that artisan market sounds good. xx

  2. Hope you have lovely weather for a restful time at the caravan.

  3. Sounds like you are doing the right thing Sooze, enjoy and hope you both feel better for it.

  4. Prayers…have a nice time at summer home…maybe purchase some cheap puzzle books and adult coloring books…

  5. Fingers crossed for some good weather for you at the caravan, you deserve a break from stress. Re the incontinence problem I can relate to that too. I have to stand still and cross my legs before coughing or sneezing 🙄 it's no joke is it 🤨
    Anyway, have a wonderful time both of you.

  6. Relax and de-stress. Enjoy your time at the caravan and the visits with neighbours.

    God bless.

  7. Perhaps it is the full Easter moon disrupting your sleep? I have heard other people commenting that this is so - however stress will also do it every time! You have your lovely caravan to escape to, and the market sounds like fun.

  8. Have a wonderful time in your beloved Van. I'm hoping the stress will drizzle away once you are there. xx


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