Tuesday 19 April 2022

No social awareness

 We came home early Sunday afternoon, at least it's peaceful here with no screaming kids.  

The woman who Betty nipped is our next door van neighbour, not the lovely Jean but the other side of us, the one who initially was very 'off' with us because we'd bought the van that she originally wanted but was told no by the site owner.  She fairly quickly calmed down, after all it wasn't our fault that the site owner decided to sell to us instead.  He's a businessman, presumably he saw something in us that he didn't see in her, I really don't know what his reasons were.  Other than the fact that I was so passionate about our ability to do up the badly run down caravan and garden, maybe that gave us the edge.

She's pleasant enough now, if somewhat annoying at times.  She's married but her husband is disabled, he does nothing except sit in their van and watch TV, we literally almost never see him.  She's always asking to borrow tools (the reason why she suddenly appeared in our van doorway the other day), and quite often asks husband and other blokes on site to help her out with some jobs.  She does take advantage a bit - I don't think she's deliberately annoying, she's just oblivious to things.  E.g.  last year we'd been out one day, when we got back we discovered she'd tied both of her dogs to our TV aerial pole - not her own, but ours.  Because ours was in the shade and it was too hot on her side, she told us, laughing (she's got a parasol for shade).  Twice she allowed her dog/s to crap behind our van, on our patio at the rear, both times husband had to ask her to come and clean it up, which she did, apologising and saying she didn't know they'd done it (she opens her van door first thing in the morning and lets her dogs out loose to do their business, something which is against the site rules).  Husband's blocked up the access now so her dogs can't get in.  The other day husband heard a little bang on the caravan wall outside, he looked out of the window and saw that she'd just folded up their garden recliner chairs and leant them up against our van - again, not her own van but ours.  I know they're only little things but I wouldn't dream of doing any of those things she does, that's what I mean about her being oblivious, it's like she's got no social awareness or politeness chip.  (To be fair, I haven't at the moment either).

I don't want to fall out with her, we are neighbours after all.  Fortunately, they aren't often there at the same time we are - they live in Birmingham and the husband has lots of medical appointments so they need to be at home a lot.  I find it best, for my sanity, to mainly ignore her - I pass the time of day with her if I see her outside, but that's it.

I needed to do a little bit of shopping, we went early yesterday morning to avoid crowds, I did forget a couple of things as my brain is on holiday, I'll just do without.  Other than that, I had no real plans.  Had a terrible night again, so didn't feel like doing anything.  I do need to spend some time looking online for a new mobile phone, mine has virtually had it, it won't hold a charge (it's already had 2 new batteries), it freezes up sometimes (I know how it feels) and I constantly get messages telling me the memory is almost full, I've already had to delete loads of photos etc and can't download any more apps.  The trouble is, techie stuff bores me rigid, plus I don't understand all the tech specifications for phones, so 2 minutes of looking and I've had enough.  My computer is also on a go-slow, well it's the wifi not my computer, it's slow at the best of times and I guess even slower at the moment because of more people being at home during the Easter holidays.

And now the TV is on the way out too.....picture has gone all blue, apparently it's a known fault and means it will soon 'blow'.  Husband's ordering a new TV, he can't be without one.  Nor can I, the thought of him having no TV to watch, meaning he'd be moping around all day every day with nothing to do, is more than I can bear at the moment.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you all so much for your comments - you do all get it!


  1. Oh, yes, Sooze, we do get it. So many have experience of depression. We're all with you. 💕
    Your neighbour sounds annoying, but not, I think, deliberately so. Hopefully, she won't be there too often when you are. Good luck with all the tech stuff, not my forte either! xx

    1. No, I don't think she does anything deliberately, I'm sure it's just thoughtlessness.

    2. Don’t you get tired of thoughtlessness?. I do too

  2. Oh yes we get it, it's a good job we're not all down at the same time. We seem to bounce around each other catching the ones falling as we pass and hopefully supporting them briefly before we plummet together for a while.

    Just practice 'the look' and use it on your neighbour when she's being the most obnoxious. And next time you hear a thud on your van just say in a VERY loud voice 'What the bloody hell was THAT!!'. She might not get the message but it will make you smile.

    As for the television ... get one ASAP, you need your sanity!!

  3. It's surprising just how many people are socially inept and unaware. Our neighbour has put a clunking great bamboo windchime right by our shared gate on our back patio. Why would anyone do that? It has annoyed the crap out of me and I really might have to say something because when it's windy we can hear it INSIDE our home. Unbelievable. Like you, we say hello if we see each other in our gardens but that is it. Take care.

  4. I have just had a look at the lovely van photo you shared on 21 March. I guess this annoying neighbour is on the non-garden & fence side of your van? Two thoughts - first, is there anything you can put on 'her' side to stop her getting up close to you? Where exactly does your pitch end? Is it at the side of your van or is it a couple of feet further out?

    Second, could you put something on the garden gate so that if she, or anyone else, were to come onto your pitch you and Betty would have advance warning? I have used these successfully in the past (and just taken them inside when they were not needed):

    Ignore the fact it says 'puppy training', they make a lovely gentle sound.

    1. Officially with a static caravan your pitch covers at least 18" on the back side of the van to allow for access underneath to pipes etc. Most sites abide by these rules but there are a few that do not and require you to ask your neighbour for access to your van on that side.

  5. Hope you have a good week.

  6. It must be a gender thing!! Husband's hog the remote.insist on having the TV on then promptly fall asleep and who be tide if you reach for the remote to change channel while he's snoring!! Su

  7. (((Hugs))). Hope the new television arrives very soon.

    God bless.


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